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    Looking for a DoTimer replacement (Aff)

    As the thread title says. I'm just now picking my Warlock back up (and I love Affliction), and I'm looking for a lightweight addon to track DoT durations. If DoTimers supports the new durations, then this is not really needed, but I heard that the mod is not being supported anymore.

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    I use, successfully too, Classtimers. But that will only work if you tab target through the mobs.
    TidyPlates with the DoTs above the nameplates is sweet too!

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    Fortexorcist works wonders and is highly customizable. A large portion of warlocks will probably already have Forte installed anyway. ^_^

    Also Tidyplates is awesome as it adds timers onto the nameplates and interfaces with affdots.
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    Affdots is what you're asking for.
    Warlocks get buffed ONE TIME and suddenly developers are getting fired over it...

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    AffDots is just amazing! Really helped me maximize my dps .

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    I like using InlineAuras to put the duration/cooldown of abilities onto the spell icon in addition to the above. It also tracks soul shard numbers, agony stacks, Conflag charges and things like that too!

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