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    Favorite "Zoning Out" Video Game?

    So I was unwinding, playing a game of Plants vs. Zombies, when I thought to myself how "mindless" it was. This isn't to say that it's not fun, but that it is fun to play, without requiring too much thought or requiring one to exert much "effort". Plants vs. Zombies is a personal favorite, as well as Faerie Solitaire (although, funnily enough, I don't find regular Solitaire to be that entertaining).

    So the question I pose is this: what game(s) do you play when you just want to "zone out"?

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    Beat Hazard.

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    Right now Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Alot of fun and simple LOL.

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    stepmania, been my "zoning out" game on and off for 5 years now

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    Probably Binding of Isaac at the moment.

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    Has to be any of the Dynasty Warriors games (except for DW 6, don't like that one) or just leveling up my alts in WoW or doing dailies on my 90's while listening to some music. Stardust HD on my PS3 is another good one.
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    Leveling a new character in diablo or torchlight.
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    Currently NBA2K13, Hotline Miami, BL2.
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    Guild Wars 2, Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, or WoW. Just put on my music and start killing shit, no matter what they day is, it's always fun for me.

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    At the moment, Torchlight 2.

    Zone out . . . clickclickclickclick
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    Usually Warriors Orochi 3.

    Nothing like playing as a Storm god and running about killing 1000's of fools without breaking a sweat...

    Gotta be kinda humbling though, knowing even though you're an omnipotent god... You're still not as good as a skinny little chinese girl with a sword and board

    at the moment I'm on an AC3 kick though, got it for Xmas and waiting to see how Desmond's story plays out.
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    Anything save straight up puzzle games are mindless for me.

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    WoW sometimes...a few months ago, before MoP, I was having a pretty intense argument with my husband while healing on my shammy in Halls of Origination and kept everyone alive while shouting at my spouse for about a good twenty minutes. He left the room to grab a beer and when I refocused on the game we were looting the last boss. It was so wired, I have no idea how that dungeon went lol

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    Playing alts in WoW or farming for stuff otherwise i would say TF2 or Planetside 2 or Minecraft or just lol around in saints row the third.

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    Torchlight 2, login on my outlander, roam with right click recover mana auto attacking (20mana per shot) opop

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    Diablo 3 on low MP levels. Not a bad way to unwind.
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    Fallout 3 and WoW. Mostly because I've played both of those games so much that I can play them without exerting much effort.

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    Pokemon requires almost zero effort, when you're just EV training or breeding. It's not something I like to do by itself, but I often put on one of my favourite shows or movies and mindlessly tap my DS for a couple hours.

    WoW is good for that as well. I zone out and lose track of time during raids or questing a lot.

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    Pokemon and Oracle of Ages with some kind of background noise. The former you can play aimlessly 5ever, and the latter was a ball to just walk around and do nothing playing with the shovel when Skelington was a kid.

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    I do that with Pokemon, especially when grinding up levels in my team. I'm now in the habit where I have to play something while watching anime.

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