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    (A) Alonsus - Tactical Nuclear Penguin 4/16hc/16/16hc xp LF mage or Warlock


    We are a guild where everyone of our raiders have played together for over a year and are really good friends. We recently made this new guild consisting of players who were in Solidarity/Outland (World 27th 25 man) and Origin/Alonsus (were 10/16hc) to create a new guild with sick progress and lots of laughs!

    We have 3 rerollers so last few weeks has been normal modes to get those 3 relatively geared. We tried our first HC raid of MSV (Just a short 2 hours raid) and 1 shot the first 3 and proceeded to kill SK's within 5 tries.

    As of Wednesday 9th January we are starting our 5 day a week raiding schedule and aim to of killed Sha HC before patch 5.2. Then in 5.2 we will aim for top 100 world 10 man at least.

    Most importantly of all, we don't take ourselves too seriously, we are just a bunch of long-term friends who happen to all share a love of raiding in wow and have a good set of raiding skills to boot!

    We currently have exactly 10 players and are desperately looking to recruit:

    1 mage


    1 warlock

    Part of the whole, not taking ourselves too seriously thing is you can either apply to our website (under construction) listed below or add my real id and we can have a chat. We believe that a 4 week long trial is pointless we can quickly see if you are what we are after so don't be deterred thinking we are some super serious bunch of whip-crackers! :P


    With all that said we do hit our aims and push ourselves during raids as we want to be as good as we can be!

    Thanks for reading, if you're interested add heri#2406 for a chat.

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    Hangover bump

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    Ready to rock some heroic content? Pay us a visit!

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