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    Where can i find the original WoW lore compendium?

    A long time ago, like during classic WoW or maybe BC back when was the main community website, that website housed a huge compendium of WoW lore. I remember it started with stuff about the titans, origins of azeroth, all that stuff. It covered everything from start to finish, and I want to read it again regardless of any continuity errors with the current storyline.

    I know about the current warcraft franchise timeline they have posted on the site. That's not what i'm looking for. I'm looking for the one from the ORIGINAL site, if anyone knows where i could find it that would be incredible.

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    Well, is your best bet to find lore. There's timeline stuff on there and everything. If you're looking for a specific bit from the main site from a long time ago you may be out of luck - the main site switches stuff out and wiki's update, so it may have been overwritten. But the information you want may still be on wowpedia, and they tend to keep track of major changes and retcons in their trivia sections.

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    Official timeline from 2004,_2004)

    2007 - updated version of 2004 version,_2007)

    One of those maybe?

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    the first link is it

    i love you

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