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    smf in arena will it work?!

    Hey ppl dont know mutch time this have been ask..

    But here it is.. Is fury smf a good dps specc for arena and random pvp

    How will it be with stats? Like soft cap hit ? And will in pvp gear have critt and a nice rage up time??

    Tell me how you think about smf in pvp and arena...


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    You could probably have some fun in BGs with smf. But because fury relies so much on rage more so then arms, it'll be hard to actually blow someone up as fury. Even if it is smf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emiellio View Post
    Hey ppl dont know mutch time this have been ask..

    But here it is.. Is fury smf a good dps specc for arena and random pvp

    How will it be with stats? Like soft cap hit ? And will in pvp gear have critt and a nice rage up time??

    Tell me how you think about smf in pvp and arena...

    short answer, no.

    Arms is too far superior because it has less of a reliance on rage and being enraged

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    Largely no. However if you're like me someone who mainly pve's and sometimes takes a peak at pvp. I got the choice of being arms with a 463 blue weapon or smf with a 502 and 496 weapon. Then I think it's a bit different.

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    I currently play SMF for arena cap and BGs. Its hard to argue that SMF or even TG is better than arms but its not. But not by the large margin most people seem to bang about.

    Contrary to what most people say, being enraged isn't the problem. I currently have 19.5% crit. That's a 40% chance to proc enrage from Bloodthirst, play with a mage or monk for the extra 5% and it becomes 50%. That makes becoming enraged pretty easy.

    The main problem is wild strike and mortal wounds. Arms gets it bolted onto MS for free. Fury doesnt get that luxury. You have to rely on RNG to proc (and at the right time) otherwise you could be forced to land a 30 rage wild strike to avoid the debuff falling off. Doing this when building rage can be costly or doing this at a kill point can be costly. You also have to adjust your rotation due to this limitation as it is a bad habit when blood surge procs to chain all 3 together at once. The aim is to use the first charge when mortal wounds drops off and the other 2 just before the blood surge proc falls off or as the mortal wounds debuff drops off. This makes fury pvp play quite clunky.

    Whilst your burst will be less than arms your sustained damage is considerably more. I come out of arenas and BGs with arms warriors in and am most of the time top on damage. I currently play arena with a warlock and pally. Its an awful combo. If you are going to arena as fury you need classes that can CC otherwise your sustained damage is just gonna get out healed. My combo has little to no CC, I need to be playing with a shammy or druid healer and then a mage or rogue. So that would be another recommendation to you play with classes that can CC.

    Lastly, 5.2 is on the horizon. Arms gets its burst nerfed. The new TFB looks like its gearing a rotation very much similar to fury. Now that TFB will become overpower stacks that burst is going to be a little more streamlined. Assuming the best way to burst is through rolling OPs in conjunction with HSs and not using OP to avoid rage capping and then using Slam and HS in a burst frame. Either way, arms will change in 5.2. Enough to reconsider your spec? Who knows?

    If you like fury, play fury.

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    Quoting myself from another thread:
    Most of Arms damage comes from spells that don't use rage at all, granting us the chance to stay in Def stance.
    Wild strike (with no procs) costs a huge amount of rage and doesnt' deal that much damage, Fury definitely relies on Enrage to do good pressure, and with PvP gear you lack a lot of crit (im around 15-16%) to have a decent uptime. You also lose the possibility to use Wild strike and Raging Blow when wielding a shield.
    Fury is not viable at all in decent PvP.

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    Whilst the points (def stance and shield equipped) Gatsu makes are a variable for consideration, again, its not the major factor of fury not being viable. The percentage of time spent wearing a shield in arena or BGs is minimal. If in arena and you are forced to stay in def stance with a shield for longer than 10-15 secs (opponents ccing your healer and forcing a kill opening) then your team mates aren't doing enough to peel for you. You like any other team mate under focus fire needs peeling. As for losing DPS whilst wearing a shield.....well, your not equipping a shield to do DPS, you're doing it to survive so not being able to wild strike or raging blow is irrelevant. Besides, arms, MS with a 1 hander? OP with a 1 hander? HS with a 1 hander? etc.

    Gatsu touches on the point I made earlier about wild strike. That is one of the main reasons for fury lagging behind arms along with lower burst, but, like I said 5.2 looms.

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    From my own experience it is not the healing debuff that matters although that contributes.
    Arms is so much better for 2 important reasons.

    -Colossus smash

    Regarding colossus smash it is harder for the enemy to predict when incoming damage is going to be high. Every enemy can use or rotate cooldownds to counter furys colossus smash which is on 20 second cooldown. If I was duelling a fury warrior I would make sure to either shockwave (or leap or disarm or warbringer stun) all of their colossus smash debuffs. Every single class has a way to counter colossus smash.

    Overpower is almost always a critical that cannot be dodged or parried. That is huge! Imagine an enemy struggling at 25-30% of their life. And you know you are one ability away from executing them and killing them. A fury warrior can have their raging blow parried or dodged. An Arms Warrior will proceed with the kill. And overpower isn't just better as a finisher. It contributes to forcing defensive cooldowns of opponents.

    TLDR: Arms does more dps than fury. That is the ONLY reason people are playing arms. If theorycrafters found builds and scenarios where fury dps was higher - then the community would switch to fury.

    PS. If someone could theorycraft the reasons why SMF is better in PVE than arms(actually I am going to ask that question after I finish this post) and try to replicate that conditions and playstyle in PVP gear and enviroment, we need to test how much damage it does. For example if to answer my own question, SMF generated more rage than arms, we could reforge whatever gives that rage and spam heroic strikes.

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