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    Infamy [H] - 25 Man Draenor - 4/16 Recruiting!!

    The 25-man guild INFAMY is looking for more people to join our roster!

    About Infamy

    Infamy was created in Late 2010 by a group of friends that played together in previous expansions. Our goals with the guild was to clear content while maintaining a strong social basis and having great fun together. In short, we value the social aspect of this game combined with steady and good quality raiding.

    Recruitment needs

    A few players have quit for that thing called real life !!. So we have opened recruitment again. Mainly we are looking for Ranged Dps but if you see your class listed above please feel free to apply to us. We do have a couple of priority spots.

    Healer - We are currently in the search of a 1 Restoration Druid to step into are main raid

    Ranged dps - We are currently in the search of all ranged classes to step into are main raid team

    We would prefer you to have some experience in tot even if only a couple of bosses and have a minimum ilvl of around 510.

    Even if you have no experience this tier do not be put off making an application, things such as lfr runs every week , getting valor cap and gear, getting crafted items/hc/scenario items shows you have the dedication to get raiding, and this would offset any lack of experience.

    We recruit looking at long term , once your in you become part of our family guild hoppers need not apply.


    Currently we are 12/12 normal and 1/13 hc all kills on 25 man.

    Previous tiers 6/16 Hc,8/8 hc ds,7/7 hc firelands

    Who are you?

    You're a social, dedicated player who can perform well in a raiding environment. You got a burning passion for killing dragons and understand your own class and basic game mechanics very well. You have a working microphone and are not afraid to speak up on teamspeak and improve our gameplay, You are over 18 years old and have good written and verbal english skills. You have high end raiding experience and gear to match. You will need 80%+ raid attendence.

    Applications can be made through our website. Take pride in making your application, it shows your personality and if you are serious about joining us

    [b]What can we offer you:[b]

    We can offer you a stable raiding environment with skilled and social players. We enjoy a good laugh during raids but also dedication while progressing. We can offer you heroic progress and well organized raids. We provide free flasks, feasts , repairs and gems for everyone raider rank and above

    Raiding days and hours:

    Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30.
    Sunday : 20:00 - 23:30.

    We also do alt runs on a monday(mv or hof normal)to help gear alts and people that havent raided in main team that week.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact Dragonzer, Stilts,illithyia,Cocojumbo

    We hope to hear from you soon.
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    Also looking for social's to expand the social atmosphere of the guild.

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    Recruitment has reopened looking for healers as well as locks and warrior dps.

    preferable with 485+ ilvl to help with hc progress.

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