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    334 57.79%
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    77 13.32%
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    48 8.30%
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    24 4.15%
  • 51.000 - 300.000

    68 11.76%
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    27 4.67%
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    Let's see:

    White Polar Bear Mounts (F RNG!)- ~40k
    Blue Drake Mount (again, F RNG!)- ~35k
    PVP Bracers for alt- 20k
    Brawler's Guild Invite- ~10k

    So, about 100k give or take a bit. I bid around 250k on Onyxian Drake once, and was initially really bummed out I lost. Then it dropped the next week for free! =D

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    around 8k for my brawlers guild invite. only thing ive spent gold on so far.

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    Uhm, around 600k on mounts. Ashes was almost 500k, then I bought the drake from stonecore for a little over 100k. Used the drake once.

    Really though, enjoying the feature.

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    T3 shoulders for 10k

    It's always the Green Macaw or White Kitten up on our BMAH. Think we have seen two mounts, the Stonecore one and the X-52 TCG rocket. All in all, my realm has very little interest in the BMAH because of the lack of selection -even T3 is hard to come by.

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    Beyond the 1% barrier.
    10k on a Brawlers Guild invite, other than that not seen anything I want on there.

    Not like Monks have old tiers to buy
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    0 gold, because i don't like cheating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    As title says
    I've spent nothing, I haven't seen anything on there that I have an interest in yet.

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    I can't afford anything on there. 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    I am not a goldfarming bot, and I refuse to buy gold.
    Haha, poor people are cute. <3

    When exactly did taking the time to earn money = Gold farming bot. In fact, you have to do very little more than not make stupid purchases to have 100k + these days. Money is absolutely everywhere. Never understood why people who log in simply to chat and raid complain about being broke. Just go make it.

    Anyway, OT: 5.5k Bought my brawler invite. Best 5k I ever spent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    0 gold, because i don't like cheating.

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    1 or 2k for the brawlers thing.
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    I put up a 100,000g bid on the heroic ring from Amber Shaper when my server hadn't even cleared heroic amber shaper. Needless to say I lost that ring to someone with I think around 250k gold lol.

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    Tabard of Flame, Reins of the Blue Proto Drake (cba farming it even more), and 2 more items that i can't remember now if my life dependend on it, for some reason :/ i think 1 of them was a rare drop pet..

    I've spent more than 60k on it..

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    Just managed to snag the shoulders for 35k.

    Transmog will be complete once I finish gold CM's. Will only use the head though together with t3^^

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    I think I spent about 4k on the brawler invite. Other than that, there really hasn't been anything worth bidding on, except jacking up prices for fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wesneed View Post
    The Ashpole?

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    There's nothing that interest me there even though I'm not poor (100k+ gold in the bank).

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    220k (holy shit, had no idea!!)

    spent 80k on brawlers guild invites alone (managed to get 2 for some weird reason)

    30k on mount and another 100-110k on heroic gear.
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    0, I've yet to see an amazing item in the BMAH

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    Spent nearly 200k the very first week to get a Heroic Terrace belt. As I won't replace it until Heroic Sha (ostensibly the next tier, since Heroic Sha would mean we've finished up this tier completely), I consider it an extremely sound investment.

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    not a single dime

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    The Patient
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    I lost a bid on a blacksmithing pattern once, and that's it.

    Nothing has really tickled my fancy, and I don't particularly feel like bidding on a BMAH invite, even though they're 1-2k now on my server.

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