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    334 57.79%
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    77 13.32%
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    48 8.30%
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    24 4.15%
  • 51.000 - 300.000

    68 11.76%
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    27 4.67%
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    I just never win the auctions cuz they all seem to end after midnight and i go to bed before midnight. I've bid up to 90k before though for a heroic piece

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    Not only have I spent 0 on it, but I am not even 100% positive where it even is.

    I assume it's at the hidden stair place, sort of where Wrathion is hanging out, given there was the quest to rescue some of Madam Goya's stuff from those Saurok, but beyond that, have no idea.

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    Brawlers guild invite for 6k. Should have waited a week, they are everywhere now lol

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    Between 200-250k on tier 3 items for my paladin and priest. (5 items each) Some DK outbid me at 85k for the paladin t3 shoulders, no clue why he wanted those but more power to him, I'll get them if they ever pop up again.

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    ive spent around 200k total so far just upping prices so people dont buy stuff cheap [so reaslitically i spent 0]

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    I'm waiting for the right item.

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    I look, but I don't touch.

    So far.

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    Ive spent 2k at this point. I purchased 1 Brawler's Guild invite last week.

    Nothing else that I have seen posted is worthy of the money I don't currently have.

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    By now, possible around 200k in total

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    6k for a brawler's invite

    then sold the rank 7 invite 2 days later for 10k

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    I bought a Brawler's guild invite for 2.6k. I debated bidding on Tier 3 shoulders once, but I wan't on the right character, and forgot to come back. I usually forget it exists honestly. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draknalor186 View Post
    bought a gun on the AH for my hunter at the near start of MoP for 86k think it was ilvl 484 so its still BiS for me (casual =o only doing LFD/LFR)
    It is not BiS because you can get LFR taoren which is 483 like the BMAH gun and you get a 500 agility gem out of it.

    I would've spent some gold on the bmah, but the boots I was trying to buy sold for 105k earlier this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    2700 on one Brawlers pass and 4400 on another one for my 2nd account. Even tough I fall into that special group of players with more than 50,000G I don't tend to waste it on things like pets\mounts.
    How does having over 50k make you special? o.O

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    Dont have much gold so can't win against the botters n all D:

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    on the first few days of the brawlers guild, i wanted to price up the invites on the BMAH. at 16k i didnt get overbid anymore, and i was like WTF and won it.
    got to rank 3, where 1 of the little bosses does an insta kill aoe spell. and with the latency i got, i just cant avoid it and stopped trying.
    tho the gold loss didnt matter to me much, i rerolled on a new server recently.
    i just wish that spell the boss does was 1 sec longer.

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    0 - simple as that
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    Damn your realms have some cheap BG invites. I've bidded ~8k each on three of those on Sunday, after 30 minues i was outbid on ALL THREE. Gave up and just bought one from regular AH at 12.500g.

    Other than that 20k on two T3 pieces and 186k for T4W raredrop mount. There were some nice heroic 509 pieces sometimes but with my realm size they quickly reached absurd prices, even though I have over a million g I'm not spending 350k for item that I'll get for free from heroic progress raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dota2please View Post
    I have spent OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but really I haven't spent anything cause i don't play wow anymore and feel that the BMAH shouldn't be around. just felt like that comment was needed
    After these last few years of people commenting " I don't play WoW anymore", all I can think of is why do you even post on the wow threads. I've played many games that I don't play anymore, but I won't go to a thread to lurk on it. If you played it in it's heyday, but don't enjoy it anymore, congratulations. Move on though. You just make yourself look like an idiot to those who still enjoy/play the game.

    If you are asking when a good time to come back is, then get off the fence. Why do you feel the need to validate your enjoyment from someone else. If you liked the game during Classic/BC/Wrath/Cata but some part of it pissed you off, guess what? Some part of it is still there, but most of what you remember is gone. The game is always evolving, but the nostalgic part of you remembers is gone for good.

    O/T 5610g total on a brawlers guild invite

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    I've spent 840k on Invincible, 120k on heroic boots the first week of MoP, and 10k for a disgusting oozling. So almost a million gold.
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    1K5, brawlers invite.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyubey
    So if you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, please call me anytime.

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