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    334 57.79%
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    77 13.32%
  • 11.000 - 30.000

    48 8.30%
  • 31.000 - 50.000

    24 4.15%
  • 51.000 - 300.000

    68 11.76%
  • 300.000++

    27 4.67%
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    The Lightbringer GKLeatherCraft's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    90K on an Arcanite Ripper for my brother, (traded him the gold obviously:P)

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    Field Marshal Yaren's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Shagina View Post
    How does having over 50k make you special? o.O

    So we are special. :P

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    Legendary! Volitar's Avatar
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    A better expansion.
    I bought a brawler's guild invite for 8k maybe a month or two ago. I never really play the AH so I can't compete with the people who do.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Zanthos's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    52k on a lovely pair of epic resto druid booties.

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    Got lucky the 2nd day it was up and running my bis heroic bracers were in there and most the server had no idea where the BMAH was or anything about it. Spent about 50k or so for an item that I will get several months use out of and made a huge boost on gearing up to start.
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    Pandaren Monk Slummish's Avatar
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    I guess I'm no fun, but I refuse to use the BMAH. I can afford to, but I have a difficult time supporting a system that resurrects items I inherently believe should be retired and never be available again.

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    Prices are rough estimates, can't remember exact amounts but it gives you the idea.

    55k for heroic leather agi bracers
    70k for heroic leather agi boots
    40k for brawler's guild invite

    Means a total of 165,000 gold spent. I'm currently saving up more gold for 5.2's inevitable additions to the BMAH. I consider all of these to be decent investments (for me), especially since by buying the heroic items I've been able to use VP on them to upgrade them without having to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Was pretty useful!

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    Brawlers guild invite for 6000g, nothing else has really caught my interest except mounts that instantly get bid on at the goldcap.

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    The only thing I've bought was a Brawlers invite for 14k, which I haven't bothered to get passed rank 2 in. I wasn't planning on spending that much but got into a bit of a /spit and bidding war with an Alliance player, got a tad bit competitive. Needless to say the economy on my server is lower than most it seems.

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    Just bough my first item yestarday, the brawler guild thing for 8200g

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    Brewmaster xindykawai's Avatar
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    0, i lost a mount at the very end of the days... my last bet was 70k, it has been sold for around 75... lost by some minutes D:

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    High Overlord
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Spent nearly 200k the very first week to get a Heroic Terrace belt. As I won't replace it until Heroic Sha (ostensibly the next tier, since Heroic Sha would mean we've finished up this tier completely), I consider it an extremely sound investment.
    hello good sir

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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    dont get how people can spend so much on the blood soaked invites.. its always like 6-ish invites up on my server and they havent even been bid on yet, i just got one for 1k gold

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    20k on PvP boots
    1k on brawler inv

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    Dreadlord teebo's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Towson, MD
    T3 mage head and robes at 10k each
    T3 warlock shoulders at 18k
    Accidental bid on Disgusting Oozling at 14k
    Brawler invite at 4k

    Bidding on T3 mage shoulders at the moment for 10k.

    52k so far
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    1k on the Brawler's Invite -- was trying to avoid it, but after farming the rares for days and no drop decided to just spend the 1k on it. (and yes they've been going for 1k on our server after about 2-3 weeks of patch hitting lol).

    Other than that saw some items, but figured I'd just keep farming the instance for the mount. If T3 wasn't 10k a piece I might consider it, but 80k for an entire set /pass.

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    It was kind of sad that the first few weeks it was "look at all this cool stuff!" and then it was "look at all these brawler's guild invites!".
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    I spent 10k on T3 boots

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    7k, on a brawlers invite.

    I would totally buy an arcanite ripper/lute if I had the gold though
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    12.5k ;P T3 shoulders and brawler guild invite

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