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View Poll Results: How much spent on BMAH?

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  • 0

    334 57.79%
  • 1000 - 10.000

    77 13.32%
  • 11.000 - 30.000

    48 8.30%
  • 31.000 - 50.000

    24 4.15%
  • 51.000 - 300.000

    68 11.76%
  • 300.000++

    27 4.67%
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  1. #161
    T3 rogue shoulders, chest, gloves, belt and legs for about 55k or so total. Boots I got from karazhan which saves a bit of gold, just waiting to see the helm now.

  2. #162
    I bid on a Brawler's invitation for 1,000g. But never went higher or bid on any other item.

    10,000g is too high a starting bid for an old piece of gear, a companion pet or a mount imo.

  3. #163
    Haven't spent any money on it yet, but that hasn't been through any choice of my own. There's been a few items up that I've been interested in, but I just haven't had the gold to win them.
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    Havent spent anything i dont think its worth it specialy not for rare mounts that i dont like the model of anyway.

  5. #165
    Only thing bought atm: Brawler Invite for 1k5. Now camping with my 70 DK twink for Dreadnought shoulders (have 40k in stock, I hope it will be enough, but I keep farming just in case).

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