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  • I'm American and I support America.

    41 37.96%
  • I'm American and I oppose America.

    13 12.04%
  • I'm European and I support my country and/or oppose the EU.

    28 25.93%
  • I'm European and I oppose my country and/or support the EU.

    14 12.96%
  • I'm of other nationality and I support my country.

    8 7.41%
  • I'm of another nationality and I oppose my country.

    4 3.70%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guilu View Post
    Get lobbying I guess. If the IAEA says your reactors are a-okay, I don't see why the EU would say no.
    It's too late now. Our politicians lack any backbone to stand up to the EU dictarors anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    It's too late now. Our politicians lack any backbone to stand up to the EU dictarors anyway.
    Pretty sure that they have other things to worry about. If the reactors are up to international standards and your government wants to, there isn't much that the EU can do. Apparently the latter is more of a problem than the former.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    I don't think patriotism is a bad thing, I think if you believe in your country and are proud of it, there's no shame in expressing your pride. But I do feel like there is a fine line between being proud of your own country, and a misplaced sense of superiority to others, myself, I try to be proud of my country, but at the same time I know that we are not perfect, and there is always room to improve, we should always be willing to find places to improve ourselves and move on as a nation, and sometimes that means identifying things about ourselves we don't like to admit.

    But that's ok, every country has its strengths and weaknesses, we should celebrate the good and do away with the bad where possible
    Oh I think patriotism is a good thing, but I don't think people who scream "America is #1!!!!" are true patriots. The real patriots are the ones who are willing to look at the nation's faults and try to fix them.

    I also don't believe its possible to say the US is the best country in the world if you haven't lived in several of the other first world nations for long enough to get to know them.

    And just happening to be born in a nation, to me anyways, doesn't mean I should have pride in that nation. I'll have pride in a nation if it merits that pride from it's actions.
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    1,100 if I don't believe patriotism to be a good thing or necessarily agree with everything my nation does, I automatically oppose it? I feel as though the poll options are quite biased.
    Quote Originally Posted by dupti View Post

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    There is a large difference in being Patriotic and blindly following a government. I think highly of my country yet I do not agree with how it is ran a lot of the time. One must recognize the good and the bad not just always look for one or the other.

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    I'm proud of America and it's ideals and the ones I follow. But I feel some things are sensationalized and not everything is doom and gloom. I do feel the whole defining yourself by political field you put yourself just really dumb. It's really tiring, conservative, Liberal IDC. Now I know a republican who's..a bit..not on my fond side but I'm not going to foam at the mouth and go


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    I would vote support, but the question is loaded by defining America, and American ideals, as pro-Republican. Given the nature of the GOP as it currently stands, no, I do not support this definition of America. However, the GOP does not represent America, nor should it in its current form. When they drop their social conservatism, maybe I'll reconsider. Until then I remain firmly in the libertarian camp, and support my nation for the people that are in it. I am not proud of my government, and I am not proud by much of the culture that this nation produces. I am proud of this nation's accomplishments, and support those who work to make progress a reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swazi Spring View Post
    As you may have noticed, many liberals have been attacking the idea of patriotism. They argue that there is no logical reason to support the nation-state and that patriotism is "evil," because it promotes the idea that America is "better" than other countries. I'd like to take a few moments to express my views on the subject and then allow everyone here to voice their opinion as well.

    I support America because we are a right-wing country. America is not just a geographical landmass or a cultural group, America is an idea. Freedom, republican government, an armed populace and constitutionalism are at the forefront of this idea. America is the idea that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and fulfill the American Dream. I support America because I believe in this idea and I'm willing to fight for it if I must. Not every country in the world holds this is why I support the nation-state.

    What do you think, is patriotism "evil" and/or "illogical?" And do you believe there is any reason to support the nation-state system?
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    Quote Originally Posted by diddle View Post
    I am a liberal, I vote democrat. That doesn't mean I agree with the ludicrously naive belief that a full-time job entitles one to the concept they should be able to entirely support themself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nostop it View Post
    Cooking is a skill? In wow maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    I think it mostly has to do with that Italy's exporting is mainly industrial products, whereas most Nordic countries are fairly diverse, with a mix of both industrial products, services and raw material.
    no it's because the gov is a bunch of idiots especially that damn troll Berlusconi that ruined your credibility in the last 20 year . That said world politics right now is just Usa-China+Russia, all the other just follow without any true power, on the other hand if the Eu become a true federation it's weight on the world politics will be on par with the big guys.
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    I'm sensing Dog-whistle politics over the whole "do you oppose the EU ?" part in the poll, but anyway. What does it mean to be a nationality? If you are Greek, do you support the government, or do you oppose everything the government has done for the last few decades? And what would you replace it with? America is heavily associated with capitalism, that is true, but I think the countrys origins and early identity is more complex than that. My country doesn't really have any coherent national identity either.

    I guess the way I see it, the good stuff that comes out of a country should not be credited to the governments policies. I like many Victorian era novels, butI wouldn't idealize the Imperial colonial era, as fascinating as it would be to learn about. So generally I view national identity and patriotism as quite paradoxical.

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    Could your poll options be any more biased?

    I'm a patriotic American. I believe in the ideals of social responsibility, regard for your neighbors, justice, freedom, and a government intended to work for it's people.

    I am not "right-minded." I am "reason minded." Smaller government will almost always be more effective government. Focused, forward-thinking, and largely tangential to our day to day lives.

    I also believe strongly that in todays' world, the idea of an armed citizenry serving as our primary line of defense is absurd. We need ICBMs and F15s, and those things do not belong in private hands.

    I also believe, in the age of the nuclear family, people do need outside assistance from time-to-time, so support sane, limited welfare. (Note, that is not even close to what we have now.)

    I believe that, good health being necessary to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that affordable healthcare should be provided to all citizens.

    As you see, my ideals do not line up 100% with yours, but I still feel I am a patriot. That does not mean I am blind to the fact that the original framework provided by the founders has seen both necessary and unnecessary additions since the founding, since the founders were incapable of envisioning many of the changes that predicated those changes.

    I'm not "un-American" for believing that the government cannot remain dogmatically wedded to 230 year old ideals.

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    Eh, this poll is so bad. I support both my country and the EU. I'm equally patriotic towards both.

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    I'm European and I support both my country and the EU (but not as much in it's current format).

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fiend View Post
    This is true, but old rivalries die hard.

    Have you seen what it's like when England play Germany at football?
    No, to be honest I have not. But since you gave the example I'll presume it's some kind of mini-riot around the town where it's played.

    So instead I'll give a counter argument, Dinamo Bucharest and Steaua Bucharest. 2 football teams from same town, same nation, same people. Yet whenever they play, their supporters fight on streets. Last time we had 2100 gendarmes and police officers trying to make sure they don't fight eachother, and they still burned a few things around. So football is football.

    Overall I understand your point in a way, just that I don't agree with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufferunderrun View Post
    no it's because the gov is a bunch of idiots especially that damn troll Berlusconi that ruined your credibility in the last 20 year . That said world politics right now is just Usa-China+Russia, all the other just follow without any true power, on the other hand if the Eu become a true federation it's weight on the world politics will be on par with the big guys.
    Right now we are like grampa Simpson

    God damn Swedes. Grampa knows whats up.

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    What if I support both my country and EU?

    Well I don't support the EU but I do support European integration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasierith View Post
    The problem with patriotism is that ultimately, America was not founded on a singular set of ideals. The Founding Fathers were an extremely diverse bunch, something that makes their ability to form the US government a quite extraordinary feat. Saying that any single set of ideals fits all of their views is fairly inaccurate. You also have to remember that other people have their own image of what America means.

    It's also interesting that one of the few concepts that the Founding Fathers in general agreed on was a complete lack of interaction with foreign governments (to varying degrees, of course). If the US did not choose to break out of this, however, the country would have never grown as powerful as it is today.
    Lol, totally this. You shouldn't rely on ideas from centuries ago. The world looks totally different today than it did back then.
    Not that a little bit of healthy patriotism is bad btw, due to some level ofcourse.
    Oh and btw, I wanted to vote but my option is not there? I'm European, support my country AND support the EU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    In your opinion. To me, having studied history and seen the repeated failure of 'small government', I would rather toss my lot in with the Oriental model of despotic monarchy and its descendants (i.e. centralized governments)
    There's a difference between small government and limited government.

    The further to the right you go, the more localized power becomes, which is more efficient because states compete with each other instead of becoming dependent on a central authority.

    Having studied history myself, I am far more worried about big government when you consider that 100 million people were killed by governments in the 20th century alone.

    You really do sound like a typical Democrat to me. They like the impossible dream of big government. It makes me glad that there have been Conservative Democrats too, but we'll see how long that lasts.
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    I put the last option, other nationality and I oppose my country, but I don't really oppose it I just don't support it. I don't support any country over any other country with a few exceptions. The exceptions being countries I oppose and not countries I support. I don't support any country. If America were to go for a free for all war with Australia, Sweden and the UK (Just a random example, I know this won't actually happen xD) I wouldn't care who wins at all. I'd be against the war, so would prefer it if no war happened but given the final outcome I just would not care about the victor. I'd just move somewhere not in a war.

    To sum up my feelings on patriotism. I do feel it's pointless and harmful to society as a whole. It's fine to oppose one country if you disagree with what it does but to specifically support one country over all others is kind of just asking for trouble in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garian View Post
    The further to the right you go, the more localized power becomes, which is more efficient because states compete with each other instead of becoming dependent on a central authority.
    So states trying to bring each other down is better ?
    Let's not mention the idea that right = decentralization is far from true.. especially if you get out from America.

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