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    I am building the whole pc on my own,at arround 1000euro and for the GPU I am thinking to spend arround 220-240Euro because I probably am not gonna be able to upgrade anything for a while. Also my current monitor is an LG flatron W2252S and its running at highest possible resolution 1680x1050. I also will probably try to hook the pc up to my 32" tv at the same time but i dont expect to use that in gaming, just to increase my workspace or even try to watch a movie across the 2 monitors. I currently have a very old pc (pentium 4 @ 1.9 GHz , 2 GB RAM , GeForce 7600 GT) and I've tried it already with this rig and it worked ok at mid-low quality movies as well as Age of mythology in dual monitors :P so i suppose it's gonna work just as good with a much more advanced rig. Thanks

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    240 euros is HD 7870 money, you will be very lucky to find a 7950 for that money. You might find a GTX 570 for that price, or a 580 if you are lucky.
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    3d max, maya, autocad, adobe fireworks also, theese are the programs that i can think of right now

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