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    Unhappy Need help in Arcane Rotation Please.

    hey everyone,

    I rerolled arcane as it is known for now as the best DPS spec in the game according to simulations and reviews from top notch mages.

    Now i have my gear changed according to the forums with the haste soft cap>mastery etc.

    i tested rotation and CDs with my own buffs ONLY and i did aroun 72~75 which i found good and i thought that i will be able to get more DPS on the raid fights since i will be having raid buffs/flasks/food.

    surprisingly i made LESS than the dummy on the fights.

    DPS respectively was:

    Blade lord = 67k
    Galaron = 60k
    Wind lord = 70k and 74k
    Amber shaper = 78k
    Shekzeer = 68k

    Armory : SØilstar

    Please i need help

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    Might I direct your attention to the Arcane guide posted on this forum, you can check if you missed something and then ask questions there if you have any.

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