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    [H] <Reality> 25man @ Hellfire (7/16HC) Recruiting!

    In the weeks leading up to Cataclysm, a group of experienced players created Reality, a new semi-hardcore raiding guild. We aimed to become one of the top progression guilds on Hellfire, and achieved that goal almost instantly – becoming the highest ranked horde guild and second highest ranked guild on the realm throughout tier 11 and 12. In tier 13, we achieved our highest world rank yet and became the first guild on Hellfire to kill madness heroic.

    In the months leading up to Mists, we want to take the next step and continue to grow our guild and the realm by making the step to a 25-man raiding guild. To that end, we want to extend our current roster with additional talented and experienced players of various roles and specs. While we realize that the transition from a 10-man guild to a 25-man guild isn't an easy one, we are well prepared for the challenges facing us and committed to providing the same quality in both raiding and guild environment that we provide today.

    As a guild, Reality is determined to progress through the toughest fights Blizzard can throw at us, while maintaining our friendly and social atmosphere. We are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles; nobody in Reality has a guaranteed raid spot. If you think you have enough skill and experience to earn a place in our team, apply!

    We raid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 19:45 to 23:00 server time, and we expect our raiders to participate in at least three raids per week. Additional raids are also sometimes scheduled for weekends (if there's a good enough reason and enough interest).


    Deathknight (Tank) *LOW*
    Druid (Balance, Resto) *MEDIUM*
    Hunter *HIGH*
    Mage *HIGH*
    Monk (Tank, Healer) *MEDIUM*
    Paladin (DPS, Healer) *MEDIUM*
    Priest (DPS, Healer) *HIGH*
    Shaman (Elemental, Resto) *MEDIUM*
    Warlock *HIGH*

    Should you decide to apply, make sure you study the guild rules thoroughly and take your time to properly complete the application form; your application is your only way to convince us that we need you in our guild.

    Contact details/Applying:

    GM: Folmar (Folmar#1215)
    Officers: Devilsfury, Snõw, Scalier, Issèra

    For more Information feel free to go to our website... which unfortunately I cannot paste due to lack of posts

    Google "guildofreality" and you'll find us.
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    Still need Range DPS and Healers.

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