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    Lifebloom Macro not working since MoP

    Hello, I have been using this macro all through cata, but since MoP it is no longer working. It is meant to cast Lifebloom on my focus target unless I am in Tree of Life in which case it will cast it on my mouseover target. I don't have a clue why it isn't working like that.

    /cast [stance: 5, @mouseover][@focus] Lifebloom

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    /cast [stance:5,@mouseover,help,exists][@focus,help,][] Lifebloom
    This SHOULD work, but I'm not sure if Tree of Life is actually a stance anymore as of MoP, since it's a talent now. If this still doesn't work then either Tree of Life is stance:6 or it simply doesn't have a stance number anymore.

    If your actionbar changes when activating ToL then you could also put the macro on that actionbar instead of a seperate actionbar and simply use this macro
    /cast [@mouseover]Lifebloom

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    /dump GetShapeshiftForm()
    while in ToL.
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    Pretty sure it's not a stance anymore
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    /dump GetShapeshiftForm()
    says 7 is Tree of Life so:

    /cast [stance: 7, @mouseover][@focus] Lifebloom

    I just tested and this works.
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