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    This is an example as to why they shouldn't ever go through with this. It disregards the fact that a whole lot of races' Priests and Priestesses have nothing to do with humans and the Light...
    I think they can acknowledge the differences while everyone is physically in the same place at the same time.

    The way I'd envision a Priest hub would probably be combined with the Paladin hub and be run by the Argent Crusade. There currently is an inaccessible section of coastline north of Stratholme, so that would work as well as anywhere. Then you'd have delegations present from all the different flavors of Priests and Paladins. So you'd have a Loa Priest over here, some Sunwalkers over there, a few Priestesses of the Moon over there, etc. All would have dialogue sequences on their own beliefs. Very few actual quests would be shared between Paladins and Priests, and some quests would be restricted to specific or a narrow range of races.
    Roleplaying, hardcore Raiding, running LFR on the occasional weekend, PvPing, rolling alts, achievement hunting, pet battling, or just enacting an endless series of whims, I don't care how you play WoW. Just as long as you have fun doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    It'd be nice if every class had a place like the Monk's peak with class quests as you level, vanity gear and the exp-bonus-granting dailies.
    I sort of doubt it is going to happen though, that is a lot of work that could be placed somewhere else.
    The monk's questline every 10 levels is great, I'd love to have similar for all classes. I can only imagine some "wilderness sanctuary" (headed by Goldrinn and spirits of ancient hunters, inspired by Amerindian "hunting grounds" afterlife), reclaimed Stratholme for paladins, etc.
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    To ask why we fight is to ask why leaves fall. (...)
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    Gravity? We fight because gravity? Never listen to a philosophy from a panda.

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    Doesn't matter if they roll it out all at once or one class at a time, developing a city for each class for the soul reason of making leveling faster is a waste of development's time.

    They could just have each trainer in the major cities offer a daily that gives you an XP buff, you don't need a whole city for that. There's no need to waste the resources creating, structuring and skinning a city for a few leveling blues and an XP buff.

    11 classes, 8 don't have cities. I'd rather them not make 8 more cities and instead have them make 100 new battle pets; or 8 new dungeons.
    so only your wants are worthy every one elses is a waste?

    OT: im laughig hard at the amount of people still posting dalaran for mages, obviously some people haven been keeping up with lore and doing their quests.
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    Actually, many classes already have a "haven" if you consider it :

    Obviously, Kun Lai for monks, Achérus for DKs, Moonglade for Druids, Ravenhodt Manor for Rogues, and that new "Warlock island".
    Throne of Elements may be considered a Shaman refuge, although it lacks a proper structure imo.
    Paladins may call the Chapel of Light's Hope their home. Same goes with Priests, or your faction's "light building" (Cathedral in Stormwind or.... errr.. Silvermoon, I guess ?)
    Mages have Dalaran, although the recent events may make it difficult for Horde mages to visit :S
    Warriors had that island near Ratchet, but come on, a lousy pit and a cabin is pretty disappointing, and this is gone since Cata.. Any place like Gadgetzan, only less "goblin themed", would do the trick though.. And the Brawler's Guild may be considered as a "warrior place".
    Hunters have many outposts if you consider it closely : Nesingwary Expedition(s), that cabin in Grizzly Hills, Marshall Camp in Un'Goro, etc...

    See, pretty much every class do have a "capital", all are even neutral to factions (if you consider Gadgetzan as a warrior city for the sake of the argument )

    The only thing we need is for Blizzard to actually make these classes go there.. Dailies would be percieved as "too much" as for now, so... maybe rare npcs that spawn at certain times, and that sell unique transmog sets ?

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