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    Battlegrounds Score Table Mechanics

    Its been bugging me for a while how Blizzard reward points in BGS , I understand the simple mechanics of winner - loser, but what im talking about is people saying I was the MVP i got , most kills, or i did most damage. These tend to be the people who farm and couldnt careless if your team wins or loses, but isnt it the person who comes top on honor who is actuely the MVP.

    Ive been in games B4 like WSG and an average game with kills and damage, pushed middle to go for flag when needed, Scored a couple of Flags and killed a couple of Flag Carriers and still come mid table, im confused on how the score tables are decided at the end of each game.
    I understand achievements are reward for doing playing correctly in BGs, but when your farming honor to get your 2nd PvP it dosnt seem to be rewarding for playing the game correctly, it just feels like if you dont win, you dont win mentality.

    Games like AB and EotS where you need people defending bases. some of them people might not even see a fight all game, but there doing a job and help the team win a game, but miss out on all the honor to be gained in fights. I know we have buffs to gain extra honor when fightiong on bases ect but like i say sometimes we might only have a couple attempts to take are base, we defend succesfuly and gain a small amount of honor, but miss out on alot more, and if we say sack im going to go farm some , then taht base ends up getting took cus nobodie else wants to stay there all game

    Maybe Blizzard should introduce some new kind of gameplay for BGs to stop them going stale and really reward people, for instance say like a set of dailys we could pick up and do certain thing like say kill on of each race of the opposit faction, score 5 flags in WSG, defend a a certain base in Eots for X amount of time.

    I know they sound alot like what we do for achievements, but they were fun

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    Stand in the middle of EotS in stealth with a guild flag down and occasionally get in combat with a sap or something.

    You'll come top honor with 0 kills, 0 damage and 0 healing.

    Doing the most damage could be on a healer who never actually died, and kept you out of the game the whole time. Top kills could be a warlock just shadowburn executing and cleaning up kills at a GY camp. Top flag attacks could be someone who is leaving bases undefended to get the most flag caps. Top flag defends could be someone who is going for the defend achievement and waits until people cap the flag and then CCs them and caps it back.

    None of them are an accurate representation of how much you participated in a BG. A mixture of all of them generally shows who was the best, but no, nobody is ever an "MVP" in a BG.

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