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    Normal Elegion vs Raid Finder Kilrak

    Just a random question that I keep getting different answers about.

    I have 2 Normal Mode http://www.wowhead.com/item=86130 and I have a Raid Finder version of http://www.wowhead.com/item=86906 all of which are upgraded to 2/2 or can be upgraded if needed. I have my 500 strength gem. So is the RF Kilrak going to yield greater dps because of the gem or will OHing elegion be better because of the higher ilvl? Any help is appreciated.

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    MH Elegion and OH Kil'rak with legendary gem is the best afaik. OH weapon damage is not that important, however the 500 str is pretty good.

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    See I felt that OH dmg is important since my OH Frost strike hits are typically my 4th highest dmg, behind HB, FS MH, and melee swings.

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    Kilrak, since you'll be getting more Strength (i.e: More parry, i.e: Supposedly more Revenge procs) out of the deal, along with a slight boost to DPS on attacks that use AP scaling.

    It honestly depends on what you think you'll be clearing; do you think you'll be killing Sha of Fear this week? This month? Next year?

    Your answer might change what you do.

    Overall though, I'd say Kil'rak or GTFO until you get either Amber Shaper's weapon or the normal Kil'rak.

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    Going by my stat weights kil'rak in offhand is roughly 700 dps better than elegion on single targets.

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