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    pet ability macro help

    I am toying with two macros at the moment -

    #showtooltip [pet:Spider] Web; [pet:Chimera] Froststorm Breath
    /cast [pet,mod:alt] [pet: Spider] web; [pet, mod:alt] [pet: Chimaera]Froststorm Breath;
    /cast [nomod] Concussive Shot;

    The aim of the macro is to either use the pets ability or concussive shot not both which is what it seems to be doing at the moment.

    The other was a more general one

    so instead of calling the command i susbstitute that with

    /click pet ability 4 (for example)
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    Try the first one without "pet" in the first and third conditional [ ] brackets on the second line (and also just merge the 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th, with commas) I don't think it will take just "pet", only Pet:<something>.


    #showtooltip [pet:Spider]Web;[pet:Chimera]Froststorm Breath
    /cast [mod:alt,pet:Spider]Web;[mod:alt,pet:Chimaera]Froststorm Breath;
    /cast [nomod]Concussive Shot;

    For the second I'm not sure what you're looking for. But I believe if you use /click it has to be the UI's name for the button, not the ability name. You can find that by using /framestack .

    Also, when you're having problems with macros, put it in here:


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    Your first one is incorrect in a way that it's causing you confusion. It's doing everything as "or", basically. Try this:
    #showtooltip [pet:Spider] Web; [pet:Chimera] Froststorm Breath
    /cast [mod:alt, pet:Spider] Web; [mod:alt, pet:Chimera] Froststorm Breath; Concussive Shot
    Here's the breakdown:
    1) If using a Spider Pet, and pressing Alt, cast Web;
    2) If using a Chimera Pet, and pressing Alt, cast Froststorm Breath
    3) if some of these aren't true (using a pet that's not a Spider or Chimera, or not pressing alt), cast Concussive Shot.
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