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    Would mining/blacksmith be a good way to make money? because so far i have had little to no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvine View Post
    I've made over 7 million gold in the past 10 months without any gathering professions. Totally doable!
    Yes. First rule of making gold is: Never farm anything

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    IMO the best toon to have a gathering prof. on is one that you typical get stuck in q's like on my dps when im in LFD or LFR q's instead of afking or whatever I just fly around and farm so I make money while I wait a 20-30 min que I can make typically 1-300 gold which I know is not much but better then nothing you get being afk in a city
    You can make a lot more in 20-30 min if you do the AH-play. For OP check any guide at

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    I haven't had a gathering profession on my main since wotlk started. BS/JC makes me a ton of money. However, I have to be smart with the rare BS xmog I sell and the primal cuts. It's just a little patience and getting the raw mats when they're cheap to mark up for profit.
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    Making loads of gold from low leathers with Skinning and same with Mining,what's up.

    Excuse me, are you saying something? Nah, you can't tell me nothing

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    matts are always cheaper and as the expansion last longer the cheaper it gets.

    It makes gold indirectly. You farm with it, then you craft it to somethng in demand like bis enchants or bis gears. It can turn into a useless profession into a gold capping profession if you know how to play the AH.

    If you want to make gold with it directly then your choice would be low lvl matts. Those have much higher prizes and worth farming. I sell low lvl leather for 150-500g a stack depending on server. While a stack of the curent expansion leather cost like 50-150g per stack.
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    Matts would always be cheaper compared to crafting profession.
    >Time consuming:
    -Requires too much farming just for one item/enchant
    -most pattern requires rep grind
    >because of the above reason, the population of people having the pattern is low

    Result: More gold gain. Its safe to conclude that farming profession will only give profit at the start of the expansion but will be useless once a week or more has pass

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    The first thing you have to do is identify a part of the market on your server that isn't already being exploited. The last thing you want to do is start buying for resale against someone who's already got a part of that market on lock.

    After that, then you have to find a combination of professions which allows you to exploit that part of the market more easily.

    An example:

    Some servers really don't have a low level enchanting mats market. You can hit up the AH and see a huge turnover of high level enchanting mats, but when it comes to older mats, they might not be as stocked. So you could level enchanting and then go farm dungeons for blues to DE into enchanting mats you can sell on the AH.


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