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    Auctionhouse low price addon

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to ask you if you know of an addon that scans the auctionhouse and then alarms you, when a certain item is for buyout under a certain price - like this you won't have to look up every profitable item.
    What I need is the perfect "buy low sell high - addon".

    Does such an addon exist? Cheers

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    Yes, Auctioneer let's you set up a list of items with prices you can set that it will scan for. Tradeskill Master also has this functionality in it's Shopping module, if I'm not mistaken.

    Personally I found them rather labour intensive to set up, and under influence of changes so much (prices) that I found it an ineffiecient way of spending my time looking for bargains. Then again I'm not much of an item flipper in general, sticking to things like pets and armour that I know enough about to make gut calls when I see prices.

    EDIT: there's actually also a way around this without using an addon, by going to Undermine Journal and looking at the page with Great Deals. It's more limited in scope, but it works too.
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