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    Idea #4820 to improve World PvP

    There have been dozens of posts/whines/ideas of how to make world PvP "more fun."

    Here is a list of things that won't work/will never happen:
    -Dishonorable Kills: Griefing Potential too high
    -"Bounty" debuffs if you kill opposing faction: People would abuse system for honor/rewards
    -Remove Flying mounts: Would piss off WAY too many people; horrible decision from a business point of view

    My general opinion when people QQ about getting ganked is usually, "LOL PvP server, deal with it." That said, that response is a bit over-used. And I guarantee you people will mindlessly reply with it, even though no where in this post am I bitching about getting ganked.

    What if, whenever you killed an enemy player in the open world, you get a debuff that made you unable to mount a flying mount (or enter flight form) for 90 seconds?

    Interested in what you all think. I can't think of a way that it could be used to grief/exploit. It would not last through death, so if you get killed, you could still escape from combat. It just prevents someone from killing someone, then immediately flying away. You can still kill ANYONE at ANY TIME for ANY reason and be on your way in less than 2 minutes, so I don't buy the idea that it goes against the spirit of PvP servers. The only thing it will do is occasionally inconvenience you for one minute. And if you're one of those "red is dead" people, then clearly a one minute wait is worth the thrill of slaughtering an enemy soldier.

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    I'd loooooooooooooooove for the dishonorable kills to come back in the game...I missed the knight rank because of this during vanilla but still...It was a great system...

    But I disagree with your qq about people using the argument "it's a pvp server, deal with it." if you're on a pvp server it's your own choice, you have to assume your decisions

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    A mount debuff has been discussed before. As with other things acting to limit free and uncontrolled PVP, such things would be better suited for PVE servers.
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