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    Biowares bandwidth

    Are the folk over there completely nuts to have such minuscule bandwidth for downloading game data?

    I've looked over the official forums and there are a multitude of other people with exactly the same problem. I have 60mbps interwebs, downloading games from steam at around 7 mb/s yet downloading the however many gigs for a fresh install of SWTOR, i'm downloading constantly at <200kb/s...

    There are no suggested solutions so the only reason I can see is, like i said, bioware just didn't bother installed a decent infrastructure to allow people to download their game at normal speeds.

    No real question by the way, just wanted a rant.

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    pfft as if you care..
    downloading the 9bg game plus all the extra crap whatever they may be and the non stop crashing to desktop and random errors and freezes are a godamn pain but other than nto playing theres nothing i can do about it as ea dont care about f2p players so support doesnt work

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    I downloaded the game a month ago and for sure had a higher download speed.

    They might have changed something inbetween or there are more people dl ?

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    Downloaded the game for my misses last night had a constant 6mbs download speed.

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    hmm, i downloaded it about a month ago on a laptop and i was downloading at 1.5 or 2 megs a sec. not sure its on their end really. in fact even when i patch the game i download at this speed.

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    I considered playing again in Dec when ppl were coming back for F2P and the Cartel Coins, I was pulling an easy 5-6Mb the whole time. I had the entire game downloaded within 6 hrs. Id have to say its something either on your end or between you and them.

    P.S. I never launched the game and deleted it again recently, just in case your wondering =)

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