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    Headlights and lumen

    So i was wondering about lumen. I bought a Ledlenser H 14 who has 210 lumen(http://www.wildernessmag.co.nz/view/...ed-lenser-h14/), and it shines like hell.
    Bought it for around $250-$275 in Norway a year ago for slashing pow in the dark parts of the winter up here, and it works great for it.

    But my question is, why does other brands tell you that they have 1000-2200 lumen when they sure as hell dosnt shine 10 times better then my 210 lumen headlight?

    My only thought about it might be that they measures light outside the specter for the humen eye, but stil advertice for it without us knowing.
    Like when they say a car har 200hp, but they dosnt tell you that they did measure it directly from the engine on not on the tyres, of watt on a speaker and so on.

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    Sports & fitness?

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    Its a tool used in sport. Thought that much was obvious as i did mention what i used it for, and what most headlights are used for.

    Or is this part of the forum only used for sport on the TV o.0?
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    That should answer your question.

    Essentially, lumens can be focused better in some devices. If you take a light bulb and put a mirror around it to focus the light into one area, the brightness will appear a lot higher but the area that it lights up will be a lot less. I would imagine the 2000 lumen lights light up a bigger area even if they do not look brighter in those areas that it does light up as compared to your 210 lamp.
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    I run a Nightrider 600 lumen Lith-Ion headlamp. Frankly 600 lumens is damn bright, and I normally run it at 200. 2000 would be like a freaking spotlight.

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