Fire is a Haste Buff (Area 52) is currently recruiting for two raid teams, "Epidemic" and "Chaotic". We are dedicated to pushing hard, having fun, and experiencing all the content from Blizzard. We are interested in finding individuals who have:

- Great Personality
- Mastery of Their Class
- Promptness/Good Attendance
- Logs*
- Ability to take Constructive Criticism
- Raid Readiness
- Great Raid Awareness

* In order to gauge your performance, we require logs from all applicants. If you do not have any or do not know how to get them, we can work with you on how to acquire them.

NOTE: Both Epidemic and Chaotic are serious about not wasting time, while still enjoying the ride. They, are however, different teams, with different goals. We'd love to talk to you about them.

Any individuals who possess all the above would make a great addition to our team. If you are interested, we would love to have you with us. Please feel free to app at our website or contact us via Real ID. Our team info, current needs, progression, and contact information are as follows.

Monday & Tuesday 10:15pm - 1:00am PST
1 Healer
- Monk (preferred)
- Pally
- Druid

3 Ranged DPS
- Survival Hunter
- Druid
- Mage

6/6 MsV
6/6 HoF
4/4 ToeS
9/12 ToT

Monday & Tuesday 10:00pm - 1:00am PST
1 Ranged DPS
- Shadow Priest or
- Ele Shaman

Unofficial Bench/Subs and Social Members Welcome

Please apply @
Email us at [email protected]
Or contact us ingame or via Real ID/Battletag

Giri - Giri#1101
Kam - Kamana#1384
Tyranos - Panda507#1655
Sezaru - mstrminus#1415

Fire is a Haste Buff is a raiding guild on US-Area 52

Our guild has an awesome late night community, and boast a very friendly and active guild chat. We are mainly a raid focused guild, but we also partake in other aspects of the game, such as leveling alts, old content and transmog runs, challenge modes, and PVP. We are a Level 25 Guild with 7 bank tabs, guild repairs for raiders, and a website where we share the latest on classes, specs, and boss fights. The guild is comprised of helpful and friendly players and would be a fantastic home for any who are interested.

Area 52 is a high population server with all the benefits that come with it. AH prices are reasonable, pugs for normal and sometimes heroic raids are constantly running, and world bosses are constantly dying.

If any of that sounds appealing to you, please apply. We'd love to have you join our ranks!

- - - Updated - - -

With 5.4 coming, we could really use you!