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    We didn't play the same Ulduar then, it seems. Shaman needed major buffs to even be able to do a bare minimum of AoE-healing without instantly ooming, and even then it was horrible. If you brought any other class, you were better off. I was the only restoshaman in the guild to survive the transition from Sunwell through Ulduar and beyond. And we all know that any guild that cleared Sunwell had an easy half dozen of resto shamans in the roster (who promptly rerolled or paused during Ulduar - at least the majority of shamans I knew did that.).
    Seems you played a different Ulduar than I did too. Haste + tier 8 set-bonuses made us AoE gods. Not exactly sure how you were going OOM so fast, WotLK was the expansion I least had to worry about mana in. It's the last time I remember being able to spam CH and LHW whenever I wanted to. I would say the only tough fights (as a Resto Shaman) I remember were Mimiron (hard mode), Yogg-saron (1 light or lower), and Algalon. But those fights were supposed to be hard.

    Shaman's were also exceptionally good at healing Valithria Dreamwalker on Heroic. Our single-target was really good since Riptide, CH, and GHW synergized so well together before. Granted, it was only really effective in an unlimited-mana situation.
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    I'll keep playing Resto as the differences between classes and specs get smaller the further away from top tier raiding you get.

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    Still not got our own personal mana regen cooldown - should be baseline for all healers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SqueektheWeek View Post
    shamans are like rogues; good in the beginning of an xpac, weaksauce in the mid, and I'M BBBBBAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKK at the end of an xpac.
    lol.. you obviously didn't play rshaman at the beginning of cata... we were god awful until the purification buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draex View Post
    Still not got our own personal mana regen cooldown - should be baseline for all healers.
    Not every healer has a personal mana regen cooldown, and not every healer needs a personal mana regen cooldown. Unless I'm mistaken, Priests of either spec don't (Hymn of hope doesn't count unless you also want to include Mana Tide Totem in that list) don't have one and the monk mana regen isn't really on a cooldown, it's just built around their chi. Those with mana regen cooldowns will have their mana balanced around that, those without a mana regen cooldown will have their mana balanced around that. If we were given another mana regen cooldown then it's likely we'll be nerfed in another area, unless they feel our mana regen is too low, in which case they could just buff a mana regen mechanic we already have instead of introducing a completely new spell.

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    Its almost a philosofical problem. When is it best to be "good"? when progression is taking place or after progression has taken place? I, for one, think being good while progression is more important. So what if the other healers numbers went up after content has been farmed to death? Besides anyone with half a brain knows that healing isn´t measured on metters alone.

    But I do see the issue. Its not nice to see ones performance drop when in theory it should be the other way around since you are supposed to be gearing up and mastering fights. Then you add the morale braking situation of other people showing logs and metter and yelling "I win! la-la la-la-la-la!".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navitas View Post
    I'll keep playing Resto as the differences between classes and specs get smaller the further away from top tier raiding you get.
    THIS! dear lord this is true for every spec/role in the game and people just ignore it!. XD

    I hear people complain about being "forced" into certain play styles or even specs or classes because they are "the best". The truth is that all that talk about "best class" is almost exclusive to the top of the line raiding scene. For the rest of us average-have-fun-playing-Joes none of that really matters.

    Picka class and spec you like playing and do your best. Have fun, you are not running for world first so stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.
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