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    Heroic spiritbinder 10m

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted and need some feedback on our 10m H spiritbinder attempts.

    Tanks: blood and either prot pally or war (depends on who shows up, I think we're gonna stick with prot war tho)
    Heals: monk, disc and resto shaman (boomy can heal but most of the time we use resto shaman)
    Dps: fury, rogue, mage, hunter and boomy/ele.

    First we haven't gotten alot of practice, last week we did 10~ attempts, but I feel like we are missing something or just not doing it right. We seem to be about the same spot each attempt, with our best being 27%~. A few attempts our tanks weren't getting out in time cause not all the adds were killed appropriately. Sometimes we can only send in 2 people, is that normal?

    Not sure if this is the right kinda link but here's our logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/246944/

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    you can always send down 3 people and you should, even if one of them comes straight back up to just get the damage buff.

    from what i can see you don't clean up the adds well enough. there should always be 4 people free to take a totem so make sure you plan ahead for each totem and send 3 of them down.

    when a tank is about to be banished your dps in the spirit world should stay as long as they can to help out the tank and the next totem should be killed asap to send 3 new people down to finish off the severers.
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    Two heal it. It'll make the DPS requirement so much easier.

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    We 2 heal it. First totem we send just 1 DPS and 1 healer. Following totems 2 DPS and 1 healer. Prioritize the tank adds. With two healers you can get situations where no healer can go down (1 is voodoo doll the other just came back up) and in this case we send our Moonkin, who can solo heal to full HP with NS + healing touch.

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    Well, I can offer a few tips that you might already know about:
    Warriors can intervene shadowy attacks. Extremely effective with a blood dk who just absorbs all the melee attacks, then intervene the shadowy attack and theres just 0 voodoo dolls damage.
    Warrior tanks can run shield block on EVERY shadowy attack, never taking full damage from it - huge raid damage decrease.
    Tanks can kill all 3 severers by themself if they time their cooldowns appropriately. But nevertheless, there should ALWAYS be dps down there to kill the adds when a tank is banished.
    The first kill I had on 10man heroic I got banished around 24%, we didn't send anyone in, I ignored my severer and just blew all my dps cooldowns and killed as many adds as I could before I died. This seriously got us the kill, I managed to wipe out a good 6-7 adds and we didn't have to waste dps on the tight enrage going down to kill them. I just got brez'd and we killed it easily with hardly any adds alive.
    Utilize multi-dotters. They are extremely strong in the spirit realm.
    Healers pre-pot with int pots on the pull, so when they dps at the start they do more dps (Not sure if needed anymore, depends on your gear level).
    As said above, 2heal it.
    If you use your monk healer for 2healing, make sure people pick up the mastery procs (healing spheres) - when we started utilizing these we noticed a huge difference in the healing requirement, it felt a lot easier. Each sphere is like 35-40k and can crit for 80k. I cannot stress how amazing they are.

    This was all done almost 2 and a half months ago, so i'm sure some of it is probably irrelevant, but hopefully some of it is useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    We 2 heal it. First totem we send just 1 DPS and 1 healer. Following totems 2 DPS and 1 healer. Prioritize the tank adds. With two healers you can get situations where no healer can go down (1 is voodoo doll the other just came back up) and in this case we send our Moonkin, who can solo heal to full HP with NS + healing touch.
    So for those situations, did you still send in 3? or just the moonkin?

    Ive thought bout how we can 2 heal esp with boomy/ele hybrids to help out. But our raid group seems to be at odds when it comes to 2 healing vs 3 healing.

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    Hey ignore everyone else and just do this. This late in the tier 2 healing is pretty stupid and leads to alot of RNG. You have a disc and boomkin you will be fine. Here is the key to the entire fight for your raid set up.

    1.) Disc reforge for DPS and use as much DPS gear as he can. The entire fight he should pretty much only be focusing on DPSing. Attonement still heals for quite a bit and he can throw out P:WS when needed. He should be doing AT LEAST double what he is doing now.

    2.) Next, I'm not sure if your healers are aware of how the buff you get from going downstairs works but essentially here is what they should be doing: (Immediately spam heal them self and top them self off first THEN spam heal the DPS who is downstairs for literally the ENTIRE duration of the downstairs phase. By the time the DPS comes out he should have at least a 21% buff. (Highest stack of the buff that you can get is like 24% or something) This is entirely up to the healers but they must continue to spam heal the DPS and get those buff stacks up on the DPS or you will continue to keep hitting the enrage.

    3.) Last, people who say to send 3 people down are dumb. YOU HAVE A BOOMKIN ---> Send 1 healer + the BOOMKIN ONLY downstairs. He DoTs everything up asap (which will kill everything) and comes back out. Tanks must call out if they need help with severers and DPS should be prepared to kill them when they go downstairs.

    4.) Healers should put out as much DPS as possible at the start of the fight combined with Lust (even pre potting with DPS potions as mana isnt an issue)

    Obviously due to RNG with voodoo dolls combined with frail soul can be tricky but the general order you want is as follows:

    Totem 1 = Boomkin + Monk (Shammie should still try and DPS as much as possible and keep flame shock up 100%)

    Totem 2 = Hunter + Mage + Shaman

    Totem 3= Boomkin + monk (or disc depending on mana)

    etc. prioritize healers going down based on their mana. ONLY SEND THE DISC DOWNSTAIRS IF HE IS EITHER A.) SUPER LOW ON MANA OR B.) NO OTHER HEALER CAN GO DOWNSTAIRS. Those totem orders are obviously prone to voodoo doll RNG but those should be your highest priority DPS that you want to send downstairs. Rogues blow downstairs and warriors are medicore depending on if the adds are clumped or not. Rdps all the way. Hope this helps

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