Hello MMO-Champs, here is a little back story about our guild.

A good portion of Unleashed Fury's players have been raiding together since the days of the Burning Crusade, though our main years were in WOTLK. We ran a 10 player team that was in the day, the #2 strict 10 man guild on arthas. Shortly after our heroic LK kill we had some attendance issues and had to stop raiding. Now we are back and ready to shake things up again.

Our raid times are going to be a little relaxed at first due to things beyond our control. So right now we are looking at either Wednesdays or Thursdays from 8:30-10:30 PM and again on Sundays from 7:00-10:30PM (*keep in mind these are server times*). All things considered we are looking at a 5 hour raid week to start, though we have every intention of going beyond that up to 8 hours per week once our schedules straighten out.

Now to what we're looking for:

-Ranged DPS (Aside from Elemental Shaman, Warlock, or Boomkin)
-Healer (Aside from Resto Shaman and Resto Druids)
-A DPS with a healing OS (for clutch moments)
-Tank (Preferably Monk)

We will consider all applications even if they are not the ideal spec/class, but at this point we really need all of those things some more or less than others.

We are all relaxed people that enjoy raiding at a laid back pace, though we like to be competitive with what we have available to us as far as time.

We will begin raiding on Sunday the 13th of January at 7PM sharp. We try to provide everything from pots to food, but they are not guaranteed at this point in time.

If you wan't to apply to Unleashed Fury please send an application to:



Send a tell in-game to one of the following people:

Veldoran, Xenofei, Hordespride, Snewsnew or Zaraedia.

You are probably thinking to yourself right now "this is just to good to be true, these guys seem way to cool and awesome to not have crazy requirements!"

Well friends, we do have requirements but they are not all that insane:

-We do not need you to be a god or former member of blood legion to raid with us. We don't require raiding experience here in Unleashed Fury (though it is applauded). We only ask that you have decent gear and a good attitude as well as an ability to listen and take directions.

-We use the oh-so-common voice chat, Ventrilo. You need this! and if you don't have it, then get it! It's free to use and we have our own server.

-A decent microphone. You don't need to have a bluebird mic, just something that works and isn't painful on the ears

That's it! all we need from you are those things and you can probably join us.

(*The guild name is only temporarily "Clan Outcasts". I hate the name, but I bought the guild from someone when it was level 13. It will soon be changed back to Unleashed Fury, so no worries. Also we are currently a level 24 guild, but by the time anyone reads this we should be level 25 and have our much adored mass rez back*)