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    New ability: A suggestion

    First of all I hope you all will be a little serious and bring some constructive critism rather than saying it sux.
    The purpose of this ability is to bring some PvP utility or passive damage reduction to warlock but doing it in a fun way rather than just flat out damage reduction. As we all know atm. warlocks gets ripped apart by melee cleaves unless they go demonology. So perhaps this ability should only be for destruction or affliction, I don't know.
    The ability is somewhat similar to Soul Link so im not sure whether it should replace the outdated Soul Link or if it should be another ability by itself but here goes:

    You rip out your soul and gets linked to it. The soul takes 1 % damage every second and can only be healed through Dark Regeneration, Soul Leech and Harvest Life. While the soul is active it gives you the option to chose either of the following abilities:
    1) 15 % damage reduction for the duration of the soul. When the soul dies or the warlock reaches 20 % health the soul will return to the warlock and heal the warlock for 10% every second until the warlock reaches 50% hp.
    2) The soul will absorb Crowd Control and Silence abilities but those abilities will still get Dimnishing return. Cannot occour more than once every 15th second. When the soul dies it returns to the warlock and makes you immune to Crowd Control and Silence abilities for 10 seconds.
    Cooldown: 5 minutes
    Cast time: Instant

    Let me hear what you think. I can't be the only one who thinks warlocks could use some passive survivability in PvP and after they scrapped Cataclysm this might be an ability that could yield somewhat similar or better results without being OP due to the restrictions the ability has.
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    Auto-banish, like an ice block but using banish visual.
    Ghostcrawler is gone, time to celebrate!

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