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    Twitch jungle

    I just finished a ranked game and the enemy team had a Twitch jungle.. and didn't he rape the elo out of us. I just googled for some guides on him and I will start practicing. Anyone has any experience with him/against him? Is it worth buying? I heard some people saying they got free elo with this damn rat.

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    The same as eve, go invisble and sneak up behind them in lane, this can normally land a kill or at least force a summoner. Works against every lane that is not ready for it. While Twitch is a very good ganker, his jungle farming is very bad so even though his late game is sick , if he falls behind no chance of him really getting there. So ya he is free elo, but if you get behind you will be miles behind
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    Tried a start on him. Wasn't too horrible, but will need some help or he's gonna be very slow and squishy. Went 15/14/1 (last point in flash reduc, could put it elsewhere too), AS red /Armour yellow / MResLevel blue /Lifesteal Quints on him. Did a Shen, as in Wolves -> Blue -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Recall for Madred's + one pot. Hit level 4 around 4.30, which is very slow but no leash really hurts Twitch. After that you're in the clear as you can now reliably and swiftly clear jungle and have all skills needed for a gank. Will be far better if you can get some initial help.

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    I haven't seen one since the s3 patch, but it would probably still be viable?

    I know in s2 he was a terror if the guy jungling twitch was comfortable with it. He could stealth into a lane and basically evaporate someone with the help of the lane. He was a ganking jungler though, and if he fell behind he had a hard time getting back into the game because his clearing ability was pretty awful.

    I'll have to give it a try in the new jungle and see how it goes though.

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    Please dont.

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    Yeah. His clear was bad before his rework, got worse after his rework, and now he can't stay alive without help in the S3 jungle. The one jungle Twitch I saw so far in S3 wasn't really jungling, just roaming with Smite. He tried to stealth steal a few of my buffs, but Twitch is so squishy I forced him off or killed him just by sneezing in his direction.

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    With proper runes and masteries it would be possible, you'll need very tanky top lane with Twitch in jungle though.

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    the strong point of twitch in the jungle is him all of a sudden being on top of you in your lane no warning no nothing.
    with a CC lane this is very often a kill.

    this however doesn't cover for the fact that he's squishy as hell and has terrible clear speed. if he doesn't get ahead due to successful ganks you can just laugh at him and kill him as he enters your lane looking to gank.

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