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    Problem with fans!

    Hey guys,

    I'm using the ASUS Maximus V Formula and a Corsair H100. I swapped the included H100 fans because I wanted fans with LED's so I have these:
    Rated up to 2000 rpm and 12v. For the sake of clean wiring and the ability to monitor them in case of a failure I connected the three pin of both directly onto the motherboard; one on the CPU-OPT fan (the H100 itself is plugged into the CPU fan) and the other into a chassis fan 4 pin (CHA-FAN2, the connector is only 3 pin). The bios give me no option at all to alter the one plugged into CPU-OPT and have it running around 1800 rpm and the one plugged into CHA-FAN2 is running at only 1300 rpm. When I try to change the speed nothing happens.

    Please help!

    Also, does anyone know why the H100 plugs into the CPU fan spot (it's powered, seemingly, by a separate molex connection) and if this controls anything? Is the pump speed static?


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    There is probably no voltage regulator attached, or it is controlled via PWM, in which case you need a 4pin fan attached.

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    for a second i thought we had a celeberti on these forumsxD
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    The fans themselves have a little speed control cord hanging off that allows you to choose between three settings (I had them set to max). I'll try connecting the fans to molex and see what happens.

    Damn man it's all these little things that keep adding up. I want to have this thing put together neat with the cables and everything and OS installed before the video card arrives on Tuesday so I can just plug it in and start GAMING!

    "for a second i thought we had a celeberti on these forumsxD"

    CHAA! lol

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