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    Plans for future upgrades

    Its going to be a gradual upgrade since I'm going to have limited funds. I should have it all within 5 months hopefully. My only question is if the cpu cooler will fit inside the case.


    Any opinions on cheaper items that work just as nice or better would be greatly appreciated.
    Going to be playing mainly WoW, D3, and some Steam/Origin games.

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    First off great selection on the case, 900v2 is in my opinion one of the best cases on the market.

    Yes, that cooler will fit. But i must ask why did you select that one imparticular? The noctua Nh-D14 is about the same price and has been proven as the best air cooler money can buy, just something to think about.

    Also great choice on the power supply, i actually own its twin (same thing different brand) in the antec HCG-520w. Although i will say at 78.00 its not that great of a price, you can sometimes find that PSU for 54.99 with free shipping on newegg.

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    I'll admit I saw the cooler in another build and liked the looks of it. the blue led was a plus.
    I built a computer for my cousin and the first case I bought for it was a cheap pos. Bought him the 900v2 on spur of the moment from best buy for $100(the only case they had in stock and the last case they were going to carry) and fell in love with it. Made building so easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shroudster View Post
    no gpu?
    also cooler wise there are better option like said noctua d14.
    These are just upgrades for some of my less desirable parts. I'm using a GTX 660 FTW edition gpu http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00966IOT8/?tag=pcpapi-20

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    Also is it possible to switch the fans on the cpu cooler for some blue led ones?

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