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    This is an emotional and irrational comparison. The man said that in the event that his health declines and his quality of life has decreased to the point of being a burden on others as he is no longer able to care for himself, then he will take his life. In essence, once the shit hits the fan he will end his life. He never said he will prematurely kill himself in order to AVOID such an event, merely that when he reaches that event he will know it's his time to go.

    I'm not sure why you are quoting me. Maybe you didn't see that it was a reply to the argument that being "old" and having a child is irresponsible? My point was a disease, illness or accident can strike anyone at any stage in life. Having a child at a later stage in life isn't the end of the world.
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    we need to behave ourselfs!

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    If this topic interests you all, I recommend watching the video I posted below. It's fascinating and heart-breaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northy View Post
    If this topic interests you all, I recommend watching the video I posted below. It's fascinating and heart-breaking.

    [video= snipvideo]
    That was indeed an interesting video. I particularly found what he said about playing God to be interesting. He mentioned that people say you're playing God when you commit suicide because you're ending life on your terms, but when we do organ transplants or save babies with technology who are born prematurely that it's practically the same thing. We're saying, it is god's will that this person should be dying, but we're going to put a stop to it. It's still playing god but for a different reason. Even the ventilator mask was artificially extending this man's life past what it would be without it. Playing God only seems to matter to people when it comes to ending their own suffering; it's incredibly backwards and hypocritical.

    That was a solid way to spend 50 minuets, thanks for linking that.

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    My family has a history of mental decline after age 90 or so. My grandfather, when he passed away in 2007 at the age of 95, was extremely debilitated and his memory was near shot. My great grandma at 99 when she died, would mix up older memories with current and could really only remember her kids and grandkids and greatgrand kid's names and birthdays. So its safe to say my family has seen more than their share of emntal decline.

    I also remember seeing my other grandpa in late stage alzheimers, complete with drolling mess. I rather he had offed himself than end up in that state, so in that respect i think his decision is the right one. You may say "but the 6 year old" blah blah blah, but believe me when i say a 6 year old would rather remember a healthy father than a gibbering mess of one. Its a lot less heartbreaking.

    Ive also had this discussion with my aprents, and my sis and I have given them our blessing if they want to end their lives instead of follow the path of my grandparents on either side. It is their lives, not mine, and for damn sure not the government's.

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    I did voluntary work at an old folks day-care centre in my teens, for a while. The main thing I took away from the experience was that I never, ever want to end up like that myself. I'd rather end it, than 'live' like that (although it's not really living, merely existing). It's fucking heartbreaking to watch a person decline into a shell of a human being, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
    I think his reasoning is sound. Yes, he may have had his son late in life, but chances are he could be healthy and able for a long time yet. Besides - illness and decline are hardly restricted to the elderly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    I re read it,

    Pretty sure he has nothing, somewhere in the article it says if he develops anything mental or physical,

    Ah here it is,

    Second paragraph
    Isn't your title a little on the sensationalist side then ? How exactly do you know that he is going to leave a 6 year old son behind if a) he doesn't even have a medical condition yet and b) he isn't even 70 yet and could easily live on for 20+ years without becoming a "gibbering wreck" ?

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    I'm only 28, but since a few years back, my thinking is the same. When I reach such an age (or have an accident to cause it) that my body is failing me physically or mentally, I plan to end it my own way.

    I do feel that having a child at 61 years old is wrong though.

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    What's worrying is that he thinks he needs to have those pills around, like he could snap at any moment. He needs some therapy.

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    We have our own lives, we should be free to do with it what we want.

    I don't agree with everything people do to their bodies (Smoking, Excessive Drinking, Drugs etc...) but I should choose how and when I die.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Definitely a thing I will do if that case will occur.
    At the moment I'm unemployed and I'm depending entirely from my parents. I pretty hate this.
    In 60/70 years I don't want to depend again from my sons.

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    I've already told my girlfriend, and anyone relevant that if I am in a Coma / Vegetable state, after 6 months if there has been no improvement, I want the plug pulled.

    I'd rather die, then just be a shell wasting time, being a beacon of false hope and an anchor to pain for my loved ones.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sackman View Post
    I agree with him, not much more else to say other than two philosophical points I believe in:

    - You should be allowed to make the ultimate decision about your own life.
    - A body without the mind is not a life, living and breathing is one thing, but the capacity to think is what makes me who I am. Without this, death is better.
    I would go about writing a lengthy post trying to describe how I feel on the matter but this sums it up perfectly.
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