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    Vehicle UI "bouncing"

    So my guild is clearing HOF tonight and we're doing amber shaper. If i get mutated, my vehicle UI is like "bouncing" .. when the default UI goes off screen, it gets stuck doing that and it loops.

    I even changed it to default UI and no addons and it still does this. any idea?

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    apparently its the "possess" bar. any ideas anyone? =/

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    Hello Sydarm,

    I am having the same problem on this very same boss. Wondering if you found out what was causing the problem?


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    still happening as of 5.1

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    Still occuring. Anyone know any mobs besides amber shaper that are POSSESSION UI in order to test some stuff out?

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    You can go test in Black Temple , Teron Gorefiend turns you into a ghost. Might use this as a test to see if you get the same problem ?


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    Do you know of anymore ways to test possession UI?

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    Well.. you could try the Chess event in Karazhan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrian View Post
    Well.. you could try the Chess event in Karazhan

    that is not possess UI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydarm View Post
    that is not possess UI
    Hmmm.. true. I can´t think of anyone else than Teron atm.. will post if i can think of anyone else

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