The Warriors of Valhalla is a Horde guild on the Server Area 52. We are a weekend progression raiding guild looking for a few melee DPS to complete out or core 10man raid roster.

Raid Times: Sat/Sun 7-10pm Server

Current Progression: 6/6 MSV; 4/6 HoF

Loost Distrubution: EPGP

Currently Recruiting:
Fury/Arms Warrior(High)
Frost/UH DK(High)
Ret Pally(High)
Balance Druide (Med)
Warlock (Med)

Miniumum item level of 480 is required. We would also like to look at a Parse. So if you have availability to one that would help us make our decision.

If you are interested you can contact Chsyraos in-game