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    Cable line with a computer monitor?

    Is it possible to run a cable line through a computer monitor? I went to college this weekend and I didn't bring my tv but i brought my computer and monitor and i'm kind of regretting it and I'm jw if i can just go to the tech store on campus and buy a few wires and cables instead of a tv

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    Monitors usually lack TV Tuners but you could buy a Tuner Card for your PC.

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    Cable is decoded using a PAL tuner (or NTSC assuming you're from the USA). Normal computer screens don't have these. Often the other way around a modern flat screen TV can function as a computer screen.

    Edit: Or what Saithes says, get a TV card for your pc. Those shouldn't be too expensive. At least cheaper than a TV.

    Edit#2: For example http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Captur.../dp/B000AOUDYE
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    RCA to VGA adapter:

    you will need a cable box or channel changer though

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    Or just get a Netflix sub >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazus View Post
    Or just get a Netflix sub >.>
    Can't watch football or anything new with netflix.

    Thanks cyannotical

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