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    Do you prefer to down content or raid with people you get along with?

    My friend and I are on a team and with a few adjustments I think it can go rather far for a raid team on our server, which is mediocre. However, I really don't find myself enjoying raiding with this team. My friend and I are both 18 year olds who just graduated like 6 months ago, and the rest of the raid team is either 30+ year olds or 15 year olds. It's hard to find things in common with the others, and I don't find myself talking with them unless necessary, which I don't think is healthy for a team. My friend and I raid in Skype while still being in Vent because that's the only way to make it enjoyable, and it doesn't affect our performance at all. While I do enjoy downing bosses, I'd be having a lot more fun if I were on a team with people who had more similar personalities.

    What would you do?

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    I prefer both at the same time, though raiding with a group of people you like is far more important. You should pick what is most enjoyable for you. It sounds like you would rather be in a decent guild with people you get along with than in a bleeding edge guild with people you hate, so just go and find one like that.

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    So in essence your question is this "Do i prefer to enjoy myself or clear content?" The answer seems pretty clear :P

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    i've taken both paths before giving up one for the other multiple times, the grass is always greener on the other side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyqu View Post
    i've taken both paths before giving up one for the other multiple times, the grass is always greener on the other side.
    Does this mean you hate us?

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    I prefer both at the same time, and that has worked pretty well. At least during Dragon Soul and early T14. Now I'm raiding with the people I like raiding with AND 20 people I don't really know. My new guild's attitude towards raiding is much more to my liking than my old one. In this one the raidleader is much more strict about people performing and knowing what the hell they're doing, whereas in my old guild the raidleader tried to be strict, but the people just didn't give a shit.
    For me raiding with people I like > clearing content, though, because the people I like are usually people who can clear content as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    Does this mean you hate us?

    On topic: I wouldn't bother raiding seriously in a guild where I didn't get both, but having people (at least some) that you get along with is by far the most important factor. That you can't get along with people simply because of an age-gap isn't true though, either you aren't really trying or there are other reasons for this^^.

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    You don't have to pick one or the other. Plenty of ppl only run with people they like and down content.
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    I want both. Luckily I have that currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    So in essence your question is this "Do i prefer to enjoy myself or clear content?" The answer seems pretty clear :P
    Yep, clear content wins every time. Was in a decent guild that did really well in Wrath and Cata and as long as I was picked and was making progress, this fulfilled the 'enjoy myself' part of this quote.

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    I've done both, and gone back to playing with people I like. Even had to go back in progress, but I enjoy it far more. Can actually laugh during raids.
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    Definitely enjoy raiding with friends more than progress. Progress is nice, but if I'm not enjoying myself then what's the point?

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    I def enjoy raiding with people that I can stand over downing content, but if content isn't being cleared on a somewhat steady basis, I start to get... agitated. It's quite paradoxical, because the people that I can stand (y'know, not assholes) usually hem and haw, waste time, and just generally don't give a fuck about killing bosses... and then that starts to cause me to dislike raiding with them... :/ rofl

    So, what would I do? LFR... lol

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    Why don't you have both ?
    Find a team that down content with nice guys, it's not that rare.
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    For some realms finding both is really rare. When like 10 guilds of your faction can clear - have cleared content in normal mode of which only 1-2 recruit your class then good luck.

    In the past i have done both, never actually felt good. Always wanted to do something more. I managed to find that sweet spot a couple of times but in the end some quit, some transfered and the list goes on. Thank god now i am in that sweet spot again hoping nothing changes for some time and i am forced to move on once again.

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    I've always tried to make sure I had both, and mostly I did. Theres been times where I've raided on my alts with friends who've always been more casual when it comes to raiding and I've left the grp full ragemode cause we couldnt kill a boss that I killed several months ago in few attempts in my proper guild. For instance, putricide heroic, the 10-man grp I had in my guild at the time, I think we 2 or 3 shot him in heroic the first week, then 6 months later, I'm done raiding and Im just doing heroic ICC for mounts on alts. One of the weeks, we had a bit weaker grp than usual, and we couldnt kill putricide on 30% buff, and I just said "Fuck it" and left the grp. About 5 or so irl friends in the grp, some other ingame friends I had from an older and "worse" guild.

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    You dont have much in common with 30 year old and also not much with 15 year olds and cant manage to have decent conversations with them.

    Why ? How ? What ??

    Probably have more in common with the 15 year olds then you would ever like to admit.

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    ideally both but if I've a choice between raiding with complete strangers and/or arseholes while clearing all the content or an enjoyable raid with friendly banter but hitting some roadblocks I'd rather struggle with friends

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    People > Progress.

    But both is nice.

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    I find raiding with friends/people i get on well with is much more enjoyable. And the satisfaction of downing a boss that said group found challenging is much more rewarding.

    Im in a semi casual guild, but when it comes to raiding we put our focus hats on and get stuff done. but should someone miss a raid for what ever reason, we dont mind them pugging to catch up, so long as they dont overtake our lockout if we're due to continue. (that being said, Mon/Tues you can do what you like!)

    now with that in mind, I had been away for a couple of raids During DS, so wanted to play a bit of catch up, so joined a 'pug' group one Monday night with a pretty decent raiding guild on my server. My guild at the time was only 6/8 normal (DS) but this guild had 4/8hc on farm. That night i got a lot of kills, learnt some new tactics i could bring to my own runs and some awesome gear. but it was boring. the kills were meaningless. not because i felt carried, (i actually out performed most of them and got asked to join them perminantly), but it felt like a day at the office, Turn up, do my shift have a mid day break,then back to the afternnon shift before going home.

    Where as raiding with people i enjoy the company of is much more fun, as the entire time its fun, you can banter and have a laugh. kills can still happen, progression can still be made, and to me, it feels like a greater sense of accomplishment when done in a like minded group.

    Where is the fun in progressing if you dont have anyone to share that with? - Friends all the way
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