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    Shroud of Concealment

    Has anyone found a real use for this? To me at least it is just a small gimmick ability they gave us as a filler ability. Either you have very good communication to use it or it is wasted. And does it honestly deserve a 5 minute cooldown?

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    Challenge modes. It's rather OP for challenge modes, actually, which is why the cooldown is justified.

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    It's extremely OP for challenge mode, and this is why it has such a high CD.
    Other than that, I cannot imagine a real use for it.

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    PvP to Cloak teammates, I assume it still works

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    Its a pretty fun ability to use when going for the enemy's flag carrier in battlegrounds.

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    For those who are saying it is good for pvp, again you need very good communication cause as soon as someone gets impatient and attacks, well, no longer stealthed

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    I was referring to Arena, where usually you have voice comms so that doesn't happen.

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    They should definitely find a nice way to tweak this power to make it interesting; it's flashy, potentially exciting. Just the kind of skill they are looking for to make rogues more interesting. It's just that by itself it doesn't quite do that. It need to do groups stealth plus something fun.

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    It's a lot of fun in PvP-well, at least in random BGs. Last night, I used it in Strand of the Ancients when we were arriving on the boat, and it seemed to confuse the Horde, as they started racing toward the other boat. >.>

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    Sneaking past trash in 5mans/Raids.

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    Saving people in LFR after a wipe, those big bugs that walk in the corridor tend to often be alive where you respawn. I popped it and saved many another corpse run. :P

    As I dont do challenge modes on my rogue I dont have that much uses for it, but I still like to use it when I can.

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    Nice in arena, allows for good positioning and tricks.
    Very strong in challenge modes.

    Good in BGs if you have friends with you. Try it even with randoms in that mine card BG!

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