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    Post Which class has the most complicated DPS rotation?

    I've been wondering this for a while now, which class has to press the most buttons/manage the most cooldowns in order to maximise dps?

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    retri is high on the list.

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    Most people seem to mention hunters having loads of buttons to press, myself dont find it that annoying though
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    Hands down Hunters, 8-9 buttons. It can sometimes be annoying, but it does keep you busy so you don't get bored.
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    Arcane Mages.
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    While the regular rotation is fairly easy, hunters have the most complex rotation because they have 75 cds they have to execute perfectly.

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    Yeah I'd say Hunters, when I read up about their rotation I just deleted my huntard alt, cba with that many abilities :P

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    sub rogue imo is hard as fuck

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    id say feral druid, always was complicated
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    If you can play one, you can play all. They are all equally easy. More buttons does not equal harder.
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    Affliction Warlock?

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    If you can play one, you can play all. They are all equally easy. More buttons does not equal harder.
    Wasn't a question of difficulty, but of complexity.

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    Affliction Warlock?
    Affliction is easy. You have 3 dots on the target. Use Malefic grasp as filler. You use Haunt with soulshards. Swap Malefic grasp with Drain soul in execute phase.
    That's it.

    The tricky part of affliction is monitoring buffs and internal cooldowns, knowing when to refresh and when to use Haunt. But the rotation itself is ridiculously simple.
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    From what I've seen... Arcane Mages. It'll take some practice to get used to it when mine reaches 90.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NatureDrake View Post
    From what I've seen... Arcane Mages. It'll take some practice to get used to it when mine reaches 90.
    Is this a joke? It literally is just arcane blast spam and using scorch whenever you go below 90% mana to 6 stack camp. The only things you need to manage are your 1 dot, your arcane missiles, your rune of power, and using arcane power and alter time properly and popping mirror images every 3 minutes. I could do the rotation just as good as I do mine and I don't even play a mage.

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    Arcane Mages.
    You have a mage in your signature that appears to be your main. I feel that you are just saying mages because you are a mage.

    Personally, I cannot say which has the most complex rotation because really I only have a level 90 dk and a level 90 hunter and have only looked into a few other rotations and forums to help some people. I can say one thing: DKs have it easy compared to hunters.
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    In terms of complexity, it's not Aff locks, I know that much. They're just hard to maximize DPS on because of how procs affect your DoTs and managing soul shards.

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    The spec is only hard if you it's not for you. I'll say warlocks, but I could be wrong. I'm only looking at their priority lists and what they have to manage for each spec.
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    Elemental's rotation is on paper pretty easy, but in execution can be somewhat annoying. You see a lot of fairly mediocre Ele Shamans, but it's rare to see one that plays to the absolute maximum of the spec's potential.

    That said, from a perspective of the sheer number of buttons to press and things to monitor, I'd say Frost Mage is pretty high up there as well as Feral Druid.

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    I know the action priority list from simcraft isn't the the best measure but just compare feral to anything else. I know there's some talent specific stuff in there but even if you delete half the list it's still longer than most classes.

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