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    Haha hunters for sure with the clunky readiness/massive focus dump of amoc.

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    Hunters got the most complicated DPS rotation, everyone who says something else is wrong!

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    ferals, with slow energy, annoying positional requirements (still), and having to micro manage heals with Doc, and get the buff on the right abilities

    hunters aren't hard, i mained one for 4+ years. i played it during 5.0 pre-mop patch. it's just bloated, but the mechanics are very simple.

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    DoC feral, you guys can go home now

    Nothing else is remotely difficult in comparison to *correctly* executing DoC with zero haste (which you'll have since its feral's worst stat).

    Subjectively, I find ret "difficult" because its so boring that I'd rather just smash all my keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mew View Post
    Affliction is easy. You have 3 dots on the target. Use Malefic grasp as filler. You use Haunt with soulshards. Swap Malefic grasp with Drain soul in execute phase.
    That's it.

    The tricky part of affliction is monitoring buffs and internal cooldowns, knowing when to refresh and when to use Haunt. But the rotation itself is ridiculously simple.
    aye, thats why I said Affliction warlock because he was asking in order to "Maximize DPS", at least this is only to my experience compared to my DK, Spriest, and Feral druid.

    Its a very fun class to work with though

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    I can't speak for most other classes/specs, but I do find DoC feral rather enjoyable/complex to maximise. The only real annoyance are bosses that frequently turn around to attack some random target, delaying shredding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    Is this a joke? It literally is just arcane blast spam and using scorch whenever you go below 90% mana to 6 stack camp. The only things you need to manage are your 1 dot, your arcane missiles, your rune of power, and using arcane power and alter time properly and popping mirror images every 3 minutes. I could do the rotation just as good as I do mine and I don't even play a mage.
    Except they're getting rid of this in 5.2, so you're just using an exploit if you do this.
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    Arcane is harder than any other mage spec atm, so people saying it was a joke are just stuck in firelands rotation of arcane.

    Saying that, I consider all classes and specs' rotations to be equally easy to do well enough to be #1 on.
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    I don't know if you can do it by class really. Combat Rogue? Fairly easy. Subtlety Rogue? Lol, dude, yeah. I don't even want to talk about it, and it's no where near as bad as it was last XpAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defaulty View Post
    Affliction Warlock?
    the rotation itself isnt tricky. The difficulty lies in knowing the exact second when to refresh each dot.

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    Feral druid is definitely up there. Locks with timing when to refresh dots, tracking your ICDs and procs

    re: Enhance. It is definitely not a difficult spec to play well anymore - the complex reputation of the rotation was earned during Wrath, now it is nowhere near as hectic, but still extremely fun to play! Fairly basic priority list with CDs to time properly (i.e. just like most other DPS specs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    Except they're getting rid of this in 5.2, so you're just using an exploit if you do this.
    It's not an exploit in any way, it's the way the rotation is and it's the way to get the most dps too, so why wouldn't you do it? They are getting rid of it because it wasn't their intention. It will essentially be the same thing except with arcane barrage swapped in instead of scorch.

    Could you explain to me why you think it's an exploit?

    I don't see why you felt the need to point that out and try to start an argument.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchmagoz View Post
    Arcane is harder than any other mage spec atm, so people saying it was a joke are just stuck in firelands rotation of arcane.

    Saying that, I consider all classes and specs' rotations to be equally easy to do well enough to be #1 on.
    Even if it is the hardest spec out of the class, it isn't the hardest rotation out of every other class. I was asking the person who posted saying arcane mages were the toughest and asked if that was a joke because they don't have the toughest rotation.

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    Demonology is most likely in the top with the amount of cooldowns and buttons to press, and how much harder it is to synch up cooldowns with procs in comparison to basically any other spec.

    When it comes to complexity I feel like feral beats demonology, as well as any other spec (in my experience).

    It also wouldn't surprise me if demonology had the most complex aoe rotation (whereas feral as well as most other classes got a pretty lame one).
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    5.2 Arms warrior will be the EASIEST only 1 real proc. I dont usually get bored even if rotation is simple.. Well mages in Cata were soo boring i quit them alltogether but as melee you got to move with the boss etc. So an easier rotation isnt making it boring. Atm arms PvE feels like shit, theres nothing you can count on, your OP can keep proccing for like 10 GCDS which to some may be fun but its just annoying, or it may not proc at all and you find yourself just standing there waiting for the next MS.

    Ferals still seem to be hardest rotation wise.

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    How is Feral Cat more complicated than Sub rogue? More privileged is the correct word.

    You're not allowed to say something is hard unless it's required to compete, not excel. Anything that lets you do more than another class is a privilege.

    Actual DPS of a class is a more determining factor than the amount of buttons that need pressed.
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    Sub rogue up there on the list
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    Feral pre-derping (early WotLK, I believe) and Sub pre-5.0.4. Other than that all other classes are pretty easy. Nothing competes in complexity to those listed. Currently, uh... The DoC Feral for a guess. Number of abilities doesn't make it complicated, I noticed people saying Hunters, and one person said Ret. Neither are hard, they just have multiple short cooldowns, in which it's fairly easy to memorise a priority for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    It's not an exploit in any way
    It definitely is.

    Quote Originally Posted by GC
    All that is also true, but the recent AB + Scorch "rotation" isn't super compelling and cheats Arcane's mana management.

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