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    Help me pick a server please.

    I'm a resto shaman LF a new server my highest rating is 1600 but thats only with playing with people in trade and never actually having a team for more then a day. At the moment im Horde I would like to stay horde but its not that big of a deal. Anyways Ive been thinking about going to tich but being I don't have any of the high achievements not sure how well that would work so I was thinking of going to sargeras for awhile first until i can get a bit better and higher achieves (is this thinking wrong) I figured tich would be really hard to get into a team and also even harder to win games past 1900

    any suggestions?

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    I play on Tich, you won't have an issue finding a team here. To be honest it's over populated though.

    Not hard to find a PvP guild... join mine NovemberFifth.

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