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    [H] Renegade Wolves - Chamber of aspects - 10 man - DPS/Healer

    Renegade Wolves, Horde 10 man raiding guild on the server Chamber of aspects.

    Current progression 6/6 MsV 2/6 HoF

    We are looking for:

    - Dps, Mage and Warlock.

    - Healer, Monk, Paladin, Druid.

    Any other class we wil consider. Having a class with a usable OS is a great plus.

    What we require from you:

    - You enjoy raiding and are willing to progress through heroics.

    - You know your class inside out, always reading up and min/max your Dps/Hps.

    - That your english is good enough to comunicate in raid chat and on Teamspeak.

    - High attendance to raids (80% minimum)

    - To be fully prepared for raids, read up on tactics, use flasks, food, and be fully enchated and gemed.

    - You are able to take criticism and use it to improve.

    - You are able to speak and listen on Teamspeak.

    - You have a stable connection.

    Wat we have to offer you:

    - A stable raid environment with a relaxed attitude.

    - A tight knit community where people have been playing together for years.

    - Lots of laughter and fun.

    About us:

    Renegade wolves was formed at the begining of Cataclysm out of a player base that transfered from the server Outland due to high population and long login queues. Most people have been playing together since early Vanila and have raided together ever since. Although we are not a Hardcore raiding guild, we do take our raiding serious.

    You can contact any of the Officer-crew in game: Elexís, Oozy, Pilarm or Mengar.

    Or make an application on http://renegade-wolves.wowstead.com

    Hope to see you soon.

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    Still need a good dps, DK, warrior, or warlock gigh prio.

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