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    [A] <Avarice> EU Auchidoun (10m) - 4/6 HM - 16/16 Normal


    Avarice was founded at the end of October and we started raiding begin November.
    Even tho we started a month later then most guilds we still managed to catch up to most.
    We recently lost a member so we are looking to fill the 10th slot in our roster again.

    We raid monday, wednesday and sundays from 19.30 -23.00 servertime.

    -What are we looking for:
    1 Boomkin

    -We are expecting someone who:
    Has cleared most, or all of the current normal content
    Can keep close to 90% attendance
    Has fluent understanding of English
    Is able to communicate true mumble
    Has a positive and mature attitude

    Should you want more information you could whisper me ingame (Ithream - Auchidoun) or add my battletag Trizzjeeuh#2601
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