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    hotline miami

    lets discuss the story of this game, any theories ?

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    It's basically Drive the video game. He's silent throughout the whole thing, basically has one friend, similar style in soundtrack and violence, same silver jacket, only difference is that he wears a helmet. Just my theory. It's fun though.

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    Well, it's set in an alternate reality, so it's not the 80s we know. In case you haven't found the secret ending yet and you don't wish to get it spoiled, I won't explain it. However, there is one that answers most questions, and it has to do with the letters.
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    but what of that story is real ? what did really happen ?
    one of clerks is talking about a girlfriend before he rescues her. at some point hes seeing dead bodies talking to him. and when we play as biker jacket gets killed, not the biker.

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