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    Best item from blingtron?

    What is the ''best'' item that blingtron has given you so far? Here's mine

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    Yeah, the Eternium Rose.

    Or well, I guess you can count the Fire Spirits when I was levelling all my alts' professions. That was pretty useful.

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    The item that sells for 200g.

    Plus the Fire Spirits have saved me thousands of gold leveling my alts professions while you could still use the blingtron on every toon each day.

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    Only thing i keep on getting is the G91 Landsharks and i have to keep on deleting them becos they are worthless cant even sell them on the Ah ive tried worthless.

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    The rose and many many landsharks

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    I've gotten a single Fire Spirit and aside from vendor trash I get those landsharks. Love those things. Seriously, having a seemingly unlimited number of targets receiving 37-48k damage at once is kind of awesome during HoF trash.
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    A guy in my raid got the Mechano Hog from Blingtron while we were waiting to start the raid. Lucky ****

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    Don't remember the name but got an item that sells for 200g twice.

    edit: feel stupid for not noticing vendor price on the image ;p

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    Ive seen it drop a Depleted Kyparium Bomb mount. 100k g profit for the dude.

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    Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling x2 (Not in the same thou, but 2 days in a row)
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    Ive got that rose several times and I like the land sharks.

    Supposedly you can get the new rocket mount from it. Don't know if its true though.

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    I got the Rhinestone Sunglasses on my mage alt. I was quite pleased with that (Not a pattern sadly, but the actual item itself)
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    Rhinestone Sunglasses - sold for 15k.

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    Party grenades - I always delude myself that I will get the goblin rocket...

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    Obviously the party grenades. It's a party! In a grenade!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Einherjarn View Post
    Party grenades - I always delude myself that I will get the goblin rocket...
    I feel your pain bro,i feel your pain.

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    High Society Top Hat!

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    1 200g rose...........everything else has been crap

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