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    never even HEARD of anybody getting a mount from it thats crazy !

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    I got engineering mount

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    tons of trash,the firep/bs thingy and the worldspiner rocket mount or w/e its called saved me some gold at least xD

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    200g vendor item, can't remember name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchmagoz View Post
    200g vendor item, can't remember name.
    It uh... It's right in the OP. Right there. Take a look.

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    The depleted kyphorium rocket or whatever it is called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sci View Post
    High Society Top Hat!
    My envy, it burns..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Your server is probably the weird one. Average buyout on wowhead is 11k on AH, and I've seen people asking on my server forums for 15k+.
    This is probably true. The once proud Horde of Mannoroth (US) is all but dead.

    Sad days.

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    I've gotten the rose twice...too many Landsharks to count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayjir View Post
    Only thing i keep on getting is the G91 Landsharks and i have to keep on deleting them becos they are worthless cant even sell them on the Ah ive tried worthless.
    Use them I do.

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    Just a rose, but the mount is what i desire i would sell that so quick and have enough G for my Spectral tiger. /drool
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    I got this Rose at the first time I met him. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sci View Post
    High Society Top Hat!
    This. I love it on my Tauren! :3

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    Only gotten cheap greys, landshark, health pot and a party bomb so far. And I get to use it almost every day, nice engineers leave them near the engineer ah all the time Meh, no useful stuff, but I do like the silly items Extreme Back Scratcher <3

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    I only got greys but I always place it for a friend of mine and my girlfriend and he got the Depleted Kyparium Rocket, she got those fire spirit things that raises your profession and some other stuff. : /

    But atleast I got my 5000 Gold card out of those damn cookies in a Dragonsoul raid a few mounts ago, never had so much writing going on in the LFR ;D
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