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    rather good headphones for music and games

    my 5year old headphones have broken recently and i plan on buying new ones very soon. i want them to be good, a gamer gear.
    i want a crystal clear sound for music and games. what would you recommend ? any razer or smth ?

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    What's your budget?
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    Ranges between 50 and 200 dollars, i'm sure you could find a good one among those! personally i use the Steelseries Siberia V2 and loving it

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    Don't go with so called "gaming" headphones. Most of the time they are overpriced pieces of crap
    Also, what's your budget?

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    about 50 euro

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    Takstar Hi 2050 (open) or Creative Aurvana Live! (these are closed, but very good value) would be my two premiere recommendations.

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    what does open and closed mean ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khatolic View Post
    what does open and closed mean ?
    Closed headphones block all other sound in and out, with open headphones you hear sounds around you (and sound from your headphones also leak out in 50€ price range).
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    (links are to the german amazon site, but it's just to show what i mean in particular and how it looks like)

    i currently own the creative fatality headset (30€) and i'm happy. as long as i stay in that low budget area i'll take them any day again, but going up in the price i'd take a combination of a good headphone + the Zalman ZM-MIC1.

    if you are capable of german this "guide" on what to choose can help you a lot

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    I bought a cheap senheiser hd201 for around 23 euros, and at this low cost they have great sound compared to most low end stuff and they are really comfortable.

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