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    Help choosing a monitor, please? :D

    Hello everyone, I found a couple of monitors that seem to fit my needs: high desktop resolution to play in windowed mode and check other things in the meantime and a price below 180€. One is from Acer (S240HL BD), which has a very low power consumption and I love that, and an Asus (VS248H) which was on sale for 220€ and its now at 170€, maybe because it's the new year and things.

    The "main" usage will be WoW , no FPS. I mean, I use it to work too, but that's not a problem at all. I'm not really concerned about colors... average quality is fine. I tried to look for reviews and tests, but I didn't find anything really accurate for the Acer, and at the end of the day they seem pretty similar. Can you help me find something?

    I'm really tempted by the Acer because of low power consumption, since I sit at my desk almost all day.

    Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
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    The difference in power usage is 6W, that is hardly something I would factor in when choosing a monitor.
    That is 166,66h to make a 1KWh difference in usage, I don't know what the electricity price is were you live but here in Sweden we pay something like 0,15€ per 1KWh.
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