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    [H] <Purge> 10man 9/16HM. LF Resto shaman ASAP. Also seeking tank.

    <Purge> is an Oceanic guild located on Thaurissan Horde. We are currently 9/16HM and raid at 8-11pm server time on Wed/Thur and Sunday from 7-11pm server time, we do overtime when it is needed.

    We are looking for an exceptional Resto shaman to fill our empty slot. Having a decent dps set would be a big plus.

    Must have previous experience in T14 Heroics and atleast 486+ilvl.

    Medium priority: seeking a tank - paladin/warrior/druid preferred.

    If you are interested contact me at Cruzlah#1332 or ingame on Geoffrèyrush or Sargaron. You can also put an app here: http://purge.shivtr.com/.
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    bump, updated. Need resto shaman asap.

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    9/16hm and yeah, what he said. RESTO SHAMAN
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