View Poll Results: Your favourite city in GW2:

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  • Rata Sum

    16 14.16%
  • Black Citadel

    10 8.85%
  • Hoelbrack

    9 7.96%
  • Divinity's Reach

    44 38.94%
  • The Grove

    10 8.85%
  • Lion's Arch

    19 16.81%
  • Ebonhawke

    4 3.54%
  • an other city (post)

    1 0.88%
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    GW2: favourite city poll

    Just a little poll to see which city is the most favourite here

    so where do you craft, buy/sell in tradingpost, hang around,...? Just a note: don't count in holiday-events since I'm sure most people would have to say Lions Arch. I've taken in Ebonhawke too, since you can do most of the trading/crafting here too and imho it's a beautiful and fun place.

    Feel free to explain why you like the city

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    I spend the most time in Lion's Arch (most people), but I prefer to be in Divinity's Reach (I play a human; city's aesthetic).

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    Im new to the game and havent seen very much but i like Divinity's Reach although i get lost easily, its still nice!

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    I hate black citadel. I always get lost in that skankhole. I guess Rata Sum is my favorite since it's the prettiest in my opinion. The grove is just weird looking and hoelbrak is too snowy. DR is okay. I expected more from LA since it's the hub city and all.

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    I voted Black Citadel. Im pretty new to GW2 and ill admit that the BC was a nightmare to navigate at first..very easy to get lost. But like the Charr themselves,i found it to be the most unique of all the cities in terms of typical fantasy archetypes. Its a mix of Ancient Rome and the Industrial Revolution.

    When i started GW2 i rolled a human thief as a test char and pretty much explored every city,leaving the Black Citadel till last. All the cities are amazing in my opinion..but when i got to the BC i was blown away. The atmosphere of the place is incredible. Needless to main is now a Charr Thief,For Ash Legion! lol =)

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    Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel are my favorite two cities. After that would be Lions Arch, Ebonhawke, and Rata Sum. The Grove and Divinity's Reach are my least favorite.

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    even though it technically isn't a city and isn't even considered such by lore standards.

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    I spend most of the time in Lions Arch, but it's a good change of scenery when I head back to Rata Sum. I like the inside of Rata Sum, kinda relaxing if your going to bank sit.

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    I am surprised DR is the overwhelming winner so far. It is a fantastic looking city but hardly the most unique. I love the steam punk appearance of the Black Citadel. The workshops and the death star look brilliant especially in contrast to the ruins of rin that jut out reminding you of it's history.

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    Has to be the Grove for me, followed by Rata Sum and Lion's Arch.
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    The Grove for me, mostly because I freaking love the Sylvari race.

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    It's actually really hard for me to choose. I think Divinity's Reach is one of the coolest looking cities I've ever seen in any game, but to me Rata Sum is really unique as well on how it looks and built. Holebrak is like a winter dream and looks really cozy. Black Citadel looks really cool with it's industrial looking and warm feeling in the sunset sun.

    If we go more into how the cities are built up and such, I have to go with Rata Sum. It looks amazing and unique, especially at night with all the starts surrounding the flying city. The bank, trading post and such are really close to each other. Divinity's Reach is awesome but I just can't stand that looping sound of moans and whatnot.
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    Divinity's Reach for me, I will never forget the first time I entered the city truly majestic, something I've never seen in any game.

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    By looks probably Grove. By Feeling/Lore Hoelbrak.

    By everything: Rata Sum. That place is just crazy amazing.

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    Was thinking of voting Hoelbrak, but then I remembered all the insides of their buildings are really high... so that means the buildings are really cold. Then I thought Divinity's Reach, yet having a whole district fall under isn't something nice, so I'll take the Grove. It's an awesome city, it looks amazing, it has nice buildings, a lake and it's filled with friendly sylvari

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    When I first started playing; Divinity's Reach had that actual "feel" of a city, that wow factor. The little details - people talking, kids playing etc - really add to the senses.

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    Divinity's Reach for me tho i have yet to see most of those listed. It is just spectacular really. I have never seen a city that grand in scale before and it feel like a real bustling city with so many people and Npcs about.
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    Divinity's because the bank, TP and crafting stations are all very close

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    I love them all really, but DR is a fabulous place to be.

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    Divinity's Reach is probably the most impressive city I've seen in any game ever.
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